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Physical Chemistry Division (I)


Summary Minutes of Physical Chemistry Division Committee Meeting in Wageningen, Netherlands, April 1 - 2, 2000.

The Physical Chemistry Division Committee (PCDC) met in April to review ongoing activities and to discuss how the Division can adapt to the new regime with drastically changed obligations for the PCDC. The suggestion to the Secretary General in October 1999, that a half-time Scientific Liaison Officer should be assigned to the Division had not met with any enthusiasm. However, the Division President and Vice President will continue their efforts to acquire administrative support.

A tentative set of procedures and criteria for the review of new project proposals, prepared by the Division President, will be used on a provisional basis until adopted in some form in Brisbane.

PCDC is of the opinion that IUPAC needs to be more active in the field of data bases as there are important unresolved questions about ownership, maintenance, cost etc. IUPAC should appoint a group of people to look into the matter.

PCDC decided to start the procedure to create a new Commission to fill the function of Commission I.1 on Physicochemical Symbols, Terminology, and Units. The name suggested was "Commission on Quantities, Units, and Symbols in Physical Chemistry".

In view of the importance of biophysical chemistry and the fact that it covers the whole field of physical chemistry, the PCDC decided to request that the name of the Division be changed to "Division of Physical and Biophysical Chemistry.

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