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 Physical Chemistry Division (I)

Commission on Electrochemistry (I.3)

This commission was discontinued in December 2001.
The work of the Physical and Biophysical Chemistry Division is now organized as projects.

Chairman: C. M. A. Brett
Secretary: J.M. Feliu-Martinez

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Terms of reference

  • To encourage uniform terminology and experimental methodologies in electrochemistry and to compile and to critically evaluate thermodynamic and kinetic data on electrochemical systems.
  • To stimulate the development of all branches of pure and applied electrochemistry including advanced materials, semiconductors, sensors, corrosion, electrochemical energy conversion, electrosynthesis, bioelectrochemistry and electrochemical solutions to environmental problems.
  • To promote interdisciplinary communications on matters of electrochemistry.

These objectives are achieved through technical reports, workshops and monographs on exciting new topics related to electrochemistry. Current activities involve standards for water treatment in the electroplating industry, interfaces between immiscible electrolytes, environmental electrochemistry, redox potentials of proteins, electrocatalysis and advanced materials.

The Commission welcomes comments about its work and current projects. Suggestions concerning new or existing areas that need recommendations or agreement on nomenclature will help to ensure that work is directed to areas of current importance.

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