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 Analytical Chemistry Division (V)
Commission on Equilibrium Data (V.6)

New Products from IUPAC and Academic Software

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At the Berlin General Assembly, a celebration marked the completion of two projects. Two new products, a 32-bit Windows version of the IUPAC Stability Constants Database and the SolEq tutorials on Solution Equilibria, result from further collaboration between Academic Software (UK) and IUPAC Commission V.6.
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until Feb 28, 2002

SC-Database is the Fourth Release of the highly successful IUPAC Stability Constants Database. The interrogation software, including the speciation package and calculations for dependence on ionic strength and temperature, has been completely rewritten to take full advantage of the 32-bit facilities of Delphi 4. The database now covers the mainstream literature up to and including 1998.

SolEq presents a totally new concept for teaching solution equilibria and environmental chemistry. It contains 27 tutorials on solution equilibria. Eight software packages provide the student/researcher with the tools necessary to complete equilibrium calculations on complex systems. SolEq links theory with calclations and applications such as acid rain, soil weathering, metals in natural waters, blood plasma, and chelation therapy. SolEq tutorials have a softbook format. Exercises link interactively with the software packages. Topics include acids-bases-buffers (3 tutorials), redox and electron activity (3), metal-ligand systems (6), energetics (2), heterogeneous equilibria (3), titration simulations (2), and speciation calculations. Software packages provide a powerful speciation program (Species), a subset of SC-Database, buffer calculations, simulation of acid-base and metal-ligand titrations, and correction of log K for I and T.

The principal target group is senior undergraduates, but SolEq is also invaluable to researchers and nonspecialists who require equilibrium modeling skills.

Marketing is by Academic Software. For further information, downloadable demonstration tutorials, and purchasing information, see Academic Software website @ http://www.acadsoft.co.uk

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