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Chemistry and the Human Health (VII)

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Education and Training

2001-048-2-700 - Research and training in medicinal chemistry in India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka

2004-045-1-700 - Training of school children on pesticides and health*

Terms and Glossaries

2000-009-1-700 - Metabolism terms

2001-049-2-700 - Glossary of terms used in process chemistry/manufacturing of active pharmaceutical ingredients, and pharmaceutics

2002-001-1-700 - Compendium of terms associated with drug discovery and development

2003-044-1-700 - Glossary of terms used in combinatorial chemistry

2004-019-3-700 - Glossary of terms used in biomolecular screening

2004-023-1-700 - Internationally agreed terminology for observations in scientific communication*

2005-047-1-700 - Glossary of terms used in ecotoxicology

2005-049-1-700 - Prototype analysis of glossary terms to establish biological context by text data mining

2006-020-1-700 - Explanatory dictionary of terms used in toxicology (Part 2)

Data Bases

2000-010-1-700 - Human drug metabolism database

2005-032-2-700 - Review of stand alone drugs

Drug Discovery

2001-050-2-700 - Chemical, pharmacological aspects of natural products with medicinal and nutritive value

2005-031-2-700 - Plants as sources for nutraceuticals in Latinamerica

2007-006-1-700 - An introduction to computer assisted drug design

Clinical Chemistry

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