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Strategy for educational policy
Consideration of the ESDC report


Following its second 2-day meeting at the IUPAC Secretariat on 22-23 July 2000, the ad hoc IUPAC Education Strategy Development Committee (ESDC) concluded its task by preparing a report that puts forth recommendations for possible future directions of IUPAC's activities in chemistry education and the public appreciation of chemistry.

IUPAC has long had educational programs, both in the scientific Divisions and in the Committee on Teaching of Chemistry, but they have been somewhat fragmented. The proposals by the ESDC now provide a framework for developing an overall strategy for ways by which IUPAC can contribute to chemistry education in a way that complements the programs of national chemistry organizations.

Following a recent discussion at the IUPAC Bureau meeting in September 2000, the President has appointed a small working group, headed by IUPAC Past President Prof. Joshua Jortner, to evaluate the ESDC recommendations and to determine how they can best be implemented. Help and advice on how the recommendations can best be implemented will be requested from National Adhering Organizations, national chemical societies, and other relevant organizations. National chemistry organizations will clearly remain in the forefront, but the ESDC report suggests a number of IUPAC initiatives that could be synergistic with activities in individual countries.

Comments on the ESDC report should be addressed by email to <[email protected]> or by mail or fax to the IUPAC Secretariat.

> Download the ESDC Report (pdf file - 148KB)

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