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Dear Colleagues,

The 20th century has been wonderful and exciting for chemistry and for IUPAC. It is difficult to comprehend the progress that has been made and to appreciate that we now stand within a year or two of seeing the structure of the whole human genome - surely the ultimate achievement in natural product chemistry.

In the 20th century, chemistry came of age, and IUPAC was born and quickly became the world authority on standards, nomenclature, and the validation of essential data for the enabling scienceóchemistry. These developments were made possible only by the hard work of the devoted volunteers who have unselfishly given their support and personal time and efforts since IUPAC was formed.

Now we stand on the threshold of an exciting new period, and when we look at IUPAC, we see an organization that has had the courage to examine what it does and how it does it. The need for change has been seized, but also it has been recognized that many of the founding values still hold true and that several essential activities still require continuity of effort and personnel.

We have broadened our vision and revitalized our purpose so that we face the exciting challenges with confidence and enthusiasm.

I am extremely honored to be the first President in the new millennium, and I wish you every success in your professional activities and you and your families a happy and healthy New Year, Century, and Millennium!

Dr. Alan Hayes, President of IUPAC


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