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Winner of the IUPAC Prize
for Young Chemists - 2007


Anna Aleksandra Michrowska wins one of the five IUPAC Prizes for Young Chemists, for her Ph.D. thesis work entitled "Search for new Hoveyda-Grubbs catalysts and their application in metathesis of alkenes."

Current address (at the time of application)

Max-Planck-Institut für Kohlenforschung
Kaiser-Wilhelm-Platz 1
D- 45470 Mülheim an der Ruhr
E-mail: [email protected]

Academic degrees

  • Ph.D , Institute of Organic Chemistry, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, 2006
  • MSc, engineer, Warsaw University of Technology, Department of Chemistry, 2003

  • Abitur, VI Lyceum of “Tadeusz Reytan” (language profile), 1998

Ph.D. Thesis

Title Search for new Hoveyda-Grubbs catalysts and their application in metathesis of alkenes

Adviser Prof. Karol Grela

Thesis Committee Prof. Jacek Morzycki (University of Bialystok); Prof. Zbigniew Florjanczyk (Warsaw University of Technology)


Recent years have seen a burgeoning of interest in olefin metathesis. Using this tool, chemists can now efficiently synthesize an impressive range of molecules that only a decade ago required significantly longer and tedious routes. Especially, the development of efficient and selective ruthenium catalysts 2-4 has been the key to the widespread application of olefin metathesis in organic synthesis. Importance of metathesis was also noticed by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. In the year 2005 the Nobel Prize in Chemistry was given to: Yves Chauvin, Robert H. Grubbs and Richard R. Schrock for their landmark work in this field.
First part of my work was devoted to the synthesis of Hoveyda-Grubbs type of catalysts modified in the benzylidene fragment. I have proposed a novel mode of activation of this ruthenium complexes,
not by steric but by electronic effects.....[full text; pdf file - 478KB]


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