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Division of Chemistry and the Environment (VI)


Number: 650/90/97

Title: Collaborative study on novel and conventional extraction procedures for the determination of toxicologically relevant PCB congeners in fish

Coordinator(s): G.U.M. Lindstrom, J. de Boer and A.K.D. Liem (Working Group: Halogenated Hydrocarbon Environmental Contaminants)

Remarks: Interaction with AOAC (Association of Official Analytical Chemists) and the European Union (EU) Standards, Measurement and Testing (SMT) programmes. This project will be carried out in close cooperation with Commission VI.6: Oils, Fats and Derivatives.

Completion Date: 2001 - project terminated

Expert laboratories (15-25) will collaboratively assess the comparability of novel extraction techniques such as super critical fluid extraction (SFE), microwave assisted solvent extraction techniques, and accelerated extraction with conventional solvent extraction techniques in the determination of selected polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in fish. Emphasis will be on the identification and quantification of PCBs considered relevant for exposure and risk assessments, and on identifying and resolving problems in the routine application of novel extraction techniques. Promising developments in the analytical chemistry of PCBs in foods include the implementation of new extraction techniques to reduce analysis time. However, there are indications that these novel techniques may lead to systematical errors in the data, thus complicating and confusing risk and exposure assessments. The findings from this project will assist in the impartial comparison of PCB data.

This study has been completed and the results compiled. At a workshop held on the 27-28 April 2000, and hosted by the Institut Quimic de Sarria in Barcelona, Spain, rapporteurs were appointed to write a report to be submitted to JAOAC International.

Last Update: 20 November 2000

Project terminated 31 dec 2001


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