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Chemistry and Human Health Division (VII)



Number: 720/11/97

Title: Fundamentals of Toxicology

Coordinator(s): J. Duffus and H. Worth

Remarks: in cooperation with CTC and WHO

Completion Date: 2001 - project completed

The project envisages the preparation of teaching texts on risk assessment for college students; an abbreviated version of the textbook: Toxicology for Chemists.

A first draft was prepared and reviewed during the Berlin GA (Aug. 99). A draft is being tested by a postgraduate student of Prof. Bucat in Australia, and has been used as the basis of a workshop at the International Congress on Chemical Education ion Budapest, in August 2000. This should lead to a final draft which will be presented to the CTC for their approval. The final product will be a resource for Chemistry teachers to use, as appropriate for their students, to introduce the students to key fundamental concepts in toxicology relevant to the safe use of chemicals.

Essential toxicology - an educational resource
A series of presentations has been prepared and is intended to provide educators with a resource of materials for teaching and learning the fundamentals of toxicology. > View webversion

project completed

Last Update: 1 October 2001


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