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Committee On Chemistry and Industry


Number: 022/17/98

Title: Assessment of DIDAC as an aid for the teaching of chemistry around the world

Coordinator(s): P. de Bi�vre and J. D. Bradley

Remarks: Cooperation COCI / CTC

Completion Date: 2001 - project completed


DIDAC is a series of slides / transparencies and texts promoting/teaching chemistry before choices are made of fields for further study. The system was developed in Belgium in co-operation with Agfa-Gevaert who provided sets to COCI at cost price for international evaluation.


In 1998 a joint project was established with the Committee on Teaching of Chemistry and in 1999 COCI sponsored distribution of the system by its Members in many parts of the world in order to ascertain its international relevance. Positive feedback led this autumn '99 to the involvement of UNESCO and, since this is essentially a teaching project, the assignment of future "responsibility " within IUPAC to the CTC.

In January 2000, Agfa-Gevaert set up the DIDAC website at <http://www.agfa.com/didac/>. This site presents the contents, educational value and topics of each 5 volumes readily available.

> Read more about DIDAC - 'DIDACtic Tools for teaching Chemistry', Chem. Int. 22(4), 103-105 (2000)

Translations have been made into French, Arabic, Korean, Russian, etc., and over 30 developing countries are now involved including China. UNESCO now predicts eventual use in more than 80 countries. A continuation of this project include the production of a CD-Rom and worlwide distribution.
> See Project 2001-045-1-050 - DIDAC worldwide

Last update: 16 August 2002


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