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Analytical Chemistry Division (V)


Number: 1999-002-1-500 [ 5/1/99 ]

Title: Workshop on Environmental Analytical Chemistry for Regulatory Chemists and Laboratory Managers
> Workshop Homepage

Series: Joint IOCD/IUPAC Task Group

Coordinator(s): W.R. Benson - Access to list of members

Remarks: Joint project with the International Organization for Chemical Sciences in Development, IOCD

Completion Date: 1999

To provide updated information on environmental analytical chemistry for analytical chemists and laboratory managers who participate in official environmental monitoring.

As developing countries struggle with global trade restrictions, standards and environmental laws on monitoring of pollutants in air, food, water and solid wastes, they face increasing need for scientists and technical personnel with internationally acceptable expertise and laboratories to perform this monitoring.

A first Workshop was planned in Prague, Czech Republic, 16-18 June, 1999.

    > Program outline
    > Workshop report

A second Workshop for 2000, is under consideration.

For more information on IOCD activities, see <http://www.iocd.org>

Last update: 8 September 1999


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