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Organic Chemistry Division (III)


Number: 1999-003-1-300 [ 3/1/99 ]

Title: Molecular basis of biodiversity, conservation and sustained innovative utilization

Coordinator(s): A.E. Fischli, U.K. Pandit - Access to list of members

Remarks: Joint Project between Div. III and the Chemistry and Human Health Division.

Completion Date: 1999

To generate the scientific input into recommendations for ethical working practices in the context of international co-operation in the innovative utilization of bioresources.

The 'Biodiversity' program within IUPAC was launched in 1997 by initiating a conference series on Biodiversity (Biodiversity I: Thailand - 1997). This series of conferences aims to emphasize the value of bioresources and the need for their conservation in terms of the biomolecular chemistry of naturally ocurring molecular systems. The continued appreciation of the special properties of molecules and their potential utility will be pursued in future conferences of the series, which are planned as follows: Brazil - 1999; Turkey - 2001; Russia - 2003.

An outcome of this projects is to provide a "molecularly based" set of recommendations for working practices that can lead to the framing of regulations for international co-operation in the utilization of bioresources.

During the ICSU/IUPAC Southeast Asian Workshop on 'Molecular Basis of Biodiversity' held in Bangkok, Thailand, on 26-28 November 1999, a draft of a report on The Role of Chemists has been prepared, which includes recommendations for Global Cooperation on Sustainable Prospecting for Molecular Systems and Information at the Molecular Level from Natural Resources.
The final version of this document will be made available after completing further rounds of discussions and formulation of the recommendations arising from the total project.

> Read Report on ICSU/IUPAC Southeast Asia Workshop published in Chem Int. 22(3), May 2000)

> Earlier Project 302/2/96
> Continuation: Project 3/1/00


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