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Chemistry and the Environment Division (VI)


Number: 1999-004-1-600 [ 6/1/99 ]

Title: Environmental Analytical Chemistry - Workshop on Problems Related to Mining in Africa

Series: Joint IOCD/IUPAC Task Group

Coordinator(s): W.R. Benson - Access to list of members

Remarks: Joint project with the International Organization for Chemical Sciences in Development, IOCD

Completion Date: 2000 - project completed

To make available the latest lab techniques, information and official methodology to African analytical and supervisory chemists on environmental analytical chemistry.

Five day Regional workshop will be held at the University of Potchefstroom, South Africa, in conjunction with the South African Chemical Institute's National Annual meeting. It is anticipated that 10 African countries will be involved in the reviewing environmental chemistry activities related to mining. Chemists in the developing world are faced the globalization of the economy. Regulatory chemists and their lab managers need to be aware of the latest official methods of analysis. Africa is engaged in heavy mining projects. Ten officials of five different Chemical Societies in Africa all said that their largest pollution problems came from mining.

For protecting the water, air, food, and soils in Africa from those problems associated with mining, we propose to organize a workshop which addresses these and related analytical problems based on the past successful workshops of this Joint Working Party.
Worshop date and location: 24-29 Sept. 2000, Potchefstroom, South Africa.

> Project accouncement
> Workshop report

A previous Workshop was planned in Prague, Czech Republic, 16-18 June, 1999. > Program outline

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Last update: 7 December 2000

<Project announcement published in Chem. Int. 22(3), 2000>

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