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Chemistry and the Environment Division (VI)


Number: 1999-026-1-600 [ 6/4/99 ]

Title: Harmonization of pesticide management - Regulation, monitoring, and evaluation

Coordinator(s): S-S Wong and D. Hamilton

Remarks: IUPAC & TACTRI/COA (Taiwan Agricultural Chemicals and Toxic Substances Research Institute, Council of Agriculture) Workshop

Completion Date: 2001

To encourage exchange of the latest information on pesticide management approaches and to advance the most practical and scientific approaches around the world.

The IUPAC Commission on Agrochemicals and the Environment seeks to advance research understanding and promote environmental stewardship and human safety with agrochemicals through its publications, International pesticide congresses and regional workshops. This activity, a 3 day workshop, is planned to include both keynote lectures and poster presentations.
See Workshop announcement in Chem. Int. 22(1), (2000) or homepage <http://www.tactri.gov.tw/>

The workshop organized in Taichung, Taiwan on 3-6 October 2000 drew more than 250 participants from 25 countries. Attendees included members of key national research institutes and regulatory agencies, international advisory bodies, agricultural universities, and agrochemical manufacturers.

> detailed report published in Chem. Int. 23(2) 2001

Projet completed

Last Update: 23 February 2001


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