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Chemistry and the Environment Division (VI)


Number: 1999-030-2-600

Title: Local and regional contribution to air pollution in Asian developing countries - Workshop

Task Group
Yuanhang Zhang

Members: S. Slanina, T. Tavares, L. Jalkanen, W. Benson (ICOD) D. Schwela (WHO), Zhengqi Wu

Completion Date: 2004 - Project completed

Compile overview of local-urban air pollution problems, and derive common parameters and solutions in developing countries.

The highly industrialized and populated region of southeast China is dominated by two big cities: Guangzhou and Hong Kong, which both heavily contribute to environmental, particularly atmospheric pollution, in the region. This is considered basically as local urban air pollution problem. With rapid urbanization, vehicular population increase very fast and traffic exhaust is identified as one of major emission sources in the region. High NOx concentration cause serious regional photochemical smog pollution, which is a new environmental problem for China government.

The workshop is aimed to bring local investigators together with invited experts on urban air pollution problems to jointly analyze the problem and to determine the extent and importance of regional air pollution on the local one. After presentation by keynote speakers and local investigators, intensive discussion will be organized, focused on air pollution problem in Pearl river delta. A framework of abatement strategy will be drafted and suggested for local decision-makers in end of the workshop. Such experience and outputs of the workshop will definitely be transferable to other highly industrialized, populated and polluted regions in developing countries.


A workshop on local and regional contribution to air pollution and local radiative balance in Asian developing countries is sheduled for 27-30 September 2001 (note change of dates, as originally sheduled from 29-31 October 2001), in Guangzhou, China.

For more information, email Yuanhang Zhang <[email protected]>

> View Workshop announcement (pdf file - 11kb)

Project completed - IUPAC Technical Report published in Pure Appl. Chem. 76(6), 1227-1239, 2004

Last update: 28 July 2004

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