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Practical Studies for Medicinal Chemistry

An integrating approach for developing countries


Antonio Monge and C. Robin Ganellin (eds.) IUPAC, 2006

The exercises for Practical Studies in Medicinal Chemistry presented here derive from an initiative of the IUPAC Subcommittee on Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Development for the purpose of providing experimental studies for research into therapeutic drugs regardless of the academic level of the universities.

These laboratory exercises are representative of the field of Medicinal Chemistry, easy to reproduce, and, in many cases, interdisciplinary. Some of them take natural products as the work material, and none of them present any difficulties with regard to their realization or to safety conditions. Responsibility for the exercises resides with the authors, who have followed the instructions they were given.

The majority of the exercises have been written in English, and most are also in Spanish or Portuguese. Our intention is to facilitate the participation of as many researchers as possible. This Web site is open to all readers in general, professors, and students. Although this last group might not have a good command of English, it is important that they see IUPAC as an open door to the fascinating world of Medicinal Chemistry.

The practical exercises found here may be freely reproduced provided that the name of the contributing author and the IUPAC source are always quoted. If you want to publish any or all of these exercises to be used in an exercise workbook, please send two copies to the coordinator of this initiative for reporting and filing.

These exercises may be translated into any language. In this case, we suggest that you send the translated material to the coordinator in electronic format as well as on paper so that, if possible, these translated exercises may be included in later updated versions of the Web site.

New practical exercises may be added while the IUPAC Web site is still active. The idea is that this site remains active for the next five years. Comments and suggestions, translations into other languages, the inclusion of workbooks, etc. will be added.

All activity will be channeled through the coordinator.

One purpose of this initiative is to unite the efforts of all countries and centers regardless of their economic development. This initiative also has special interest in malaria, tuberculosis etc., diseases that affect large populations. Any contribution to this initiative is welcome.

This work is a continuation of a pilot initiative by Drs. Barreiro, Fontes Prado and Monge, under the patronage of CYTED (Ciencia y Tecnología para el Desarrollo en América Latina). The universal dimensions of this initiative have only been made possible due to the patronage of IUPAC.

The Members of the Task Group that was formed within IUPAC are as follows: [link to project]

Prof. E. Barreiro
Prof. A. Fontes Prado
Prof. R.Ganellin
Prof. C. Wermuth
Prof. E. Breuer
Prof. A. Buschauer
Prof. H. Stark

The collaborators in this edition of the Practical Studies are:

Prof. R. Ganellin
Dr. J. Proudfoot
Dr. M. Chorghade
Prof. P. Erhardt
Dr. J. Fischer
Prof. C. Wermuth

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to L. Stokes and E. Berjón for the translation and organization of the original documents.

All of the coordinators and authors wish to thank Fabienne Meyers and Cheryl Wurzbacher for their professional and delicate correction of the manuscript, most important in this work in which researchers from a wide range of non-Anglo-Saxon countries have participated.

Antonio Monge and C. Robin Ganellin
Pamplona and London
September 2006

Distinguished colleague,

We invite you to collaborate in this initiative by recommending the Web site to your Medicinal Chemistry students for their use in carrying out practical experiments. We also ask for your cooperation in further improving the Web site.

Dr. Antonio Monge
Project Coordinator
Universidad de Navarra
Irunlarrea, s/n
E-31008 Pamplona (Navarra),

TEL: +[34] (948) 42 5653
FAX: +[34] (948) 42 5652
E-MAIL: [email protected]

Dr. C. Robin Ganellin
Project Coordinator
University College London
Department of Chemistry
Christopher Ingold Laboratory
20 Gordon Street
London, WC1H OAJ, UK

TEL: +[44] 207-679-4624
FAX: +[44] 207-679-7463
E-MAIL: [email protected]

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