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Vol. 22, No.1, January 2000

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Chemistry International
Vol. 22, No. 1
January 2000

Reports from IUPAC-Sponsored Symposia


26th International Conference on Solution Chemistry (ICSC),

26-31 July 1999
Fukuoka City, Kyushu, Japan

About 470 people, including students and accompanying persons, from 25 countries attended this conference. Japanese participants numbered 337, and foreign registrants totaled 118, including 19 from the United States, 9 from France, 8 from Germany and Hungary, 7 from the United Kingdom and Australia, 3 from Korea and India, 2 from China and Taipei, 4 from Russia, 3 from Belarus and Slovenia, 2 from Estonia, 1 from Ukraine, 2 from Nigeria, and 1 from Tunisia. There were 65 students from Japan and 13 from abroad.

Although it rained almost throughout the entire conference, accompanying persons still were able to enjoy touring the landscape of Fukuoka and the northern part of Kyushu island.

Plenary lecturers included Harry Gray (USA), who spoke on "Electron tunneling in biological molecules"; Ivano Bertini (Italy), who lectured about "Solution structure of paramagnetic metalloproteins"; J. N. Israelachivili (USA), who spoke about "Hydration and electrostatic interactions between hydrophilic molecules and surfaces in aqueous solutions"; Manfred Zeidler (Germany), who presented "New results for NMR relaxation in liquids"; and Toshio Yamaguchi (Japan), who lectured on "New horizons in hydrogen-bonded clusters in solution".

The program subcommittee, chaired by Tosihiro Tominaga of Okayama University of Science, arranged nine sessions (S) and six minisymposia (M) with the following subjects and organizers:

  • (S1) Theoretical approaches and computer simulations-Susumu Okazaki of Tokyo Institute of Technology
  • (S2) Structure, dynamics, and fluctuation-Masaru Nakahara of Kyoto University
  • (S3) Structure, thermodynamics, kinetics, and reaction mechanisms of coordination compounds in solution-Masaaki Tabata of Saga University
  • (S4) Chemical thermodynamics in solution-Takayoshi Kimura of Kinki University
  • (S5) Analytical and environmental aspects in solution chemistry-Tohru Miyajima of Saga University
  • (S6) Bioinorganic and pharmaceutical chemistry-Akira Odani of Nagoya University and Helmut Sigel of the University of Basel
  • (S7) Polymers, colloids, and interfaces in the solution phase-Hiroshi Maeda of Kyushu University
  • (S8) Role of reaction field in organic chemistry: Theory and experiment-Hiroshi Yamataka of Osaka University
  • (S9) Industrial applications of solution chemistry-Isao Taniguchi of Kumamoto University
  • (M1) Equilibrium and nonequilibrium theories of molecular liquids-Fumio Hirata of the Institute for Molecular Science
  • (M2) Fast reaction dynamics in solution-Tadashi Okada of Osaka University
  • (M3) Recent progress in redox chemistry of coordinated compounds and metalloenzymes-Yoichi Sasaki of Hokkaido University
  • (M4) Hydrophobic interactions in complex and organized systems-Shinobu Koda of Nagoya University
  • (M5) Recent progress of nonaqueous and mixed solvents in analytical and inorganic chemistry-Haruhiko Yokoyama of Yokohama City University
  • (M6) How much do we know about water at the molecular level?-Hiroyasu Nomura of Nagoya University

Participants at the conference presented 337 papers, including 5 plenary lectures, 135 oral presentations (invited and contributed papers), and 197 posters. All lecture rooms seemed to be full during the entire conference, and enthusiastic discussions occurred at every session.

In addition to the scientific sessions and minisymposia, there was a Fukuoka Forum for Citizens, entitled "Science of Water" on the afternoon of 29 July when most foreign participants enjoyed the traditional half-day excursion of the conference. The forum, which featured lectures in Japanese by H. Ohtaki (Ritsumeikan University), Nobuyuki Nishi (Institute for Molecular Science), Koji Yamanaka (Organo Co., Ltd.), and Yasushi Kitano (Nagoya University), attracted about 150 nonscientific people from the town of Fukuoka.

Attendees enjoyed a get-together party on 26 July, a reception on 27 July, a concert with the Japanese instruments "koto" and "shamisen" on 28 July by Mrs. Prof. Tabata and her student, a traditional half-day excursion on 29 July to visit Arita (the town of porcelains, sometimes called "imari" in Europe) and Karatsu and to enjoy a boat cruise on Hakata Bay, and the conference banquet on 30 July. A postconference tour was organized to visit Kumamoto Castle, Aso volcanic mountain, and a Sake brewery company in Hita city. Besides these social events, a rich program was made available for accompanying persons every day of the conference.

This conference enjoyed the highest attendance in the history of the ICSC, and many participants commented on the high quality of the presentations, the wide scope of topics in solution chemistry, and the excellent program for accompanying persons (planned by Prof. Tohru Miyajima of Saga University and the local subcommittee).

Financial support for the conference was given by the Science Council of Japan, 16 organizations and foundations, and many private companies to ensure its sound financing in spite of the serious economic situation of Japan at present.

At the international steering committee meeting on the evening of 28 July, Manfred Zeidler of Aachen, Germany, who will be Chairman of the 27th ICSC, discussed preparations for the next conference to be held 26-31 August 2001 in Vaals, Netherlands. Members of the steering committee received copies of the first circular for the 27th ICSC, and they also decided to hold the 28th ICSC in Debrecen, Hungary with Gabor Palinkas of Budapest as Chairman.

Professor Hitoshi Ohtaki
Department of Chemistry
Ritsumeikan University
Chairman of 26th ICSC and
IUPAC Bureau Membe


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