Chemistry International
Vol. 22, No.4, July 2000

2000, Vol. 22
No. 4 (July)
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Chemistry International
Vol. 22, No. 4
July 2000

New Books and Publications

New Publication from IUPAC

Regels voor de Nomenclatuur van de Organische Chemie. Sectie E: Stereochemie en Basisterminologie in de Stereochemie.

By H. J. T. Bos, D. Tavernier, F. C. Alderweireldt, and L. Maat. Koninklijke Nederlandse Chemische Vereniging (KNCV), Den Haag, Netherlands (1999), pp. 1-113. ISBN 90-407-1927-6. [Dutch translation of Section E on Stereochemistry from the IUPAC "Blue Book", Nomenclature of Organic Chemistry, prepared for publication by J. Rigaudy and S. P. Klesney, Pergamon Press (1979), pp. xix + 1-559, ISBN 0-08022-3699 and "Basic terminology of stereochemistry" (IUPAC Recommendations 1996), Pure Appl. Chem., Vol. 68, No. 12, pp. 2193-2222, 1996, prepared for publication by G. P. Moss.]

This Dutch translation of Section E on Stereochemistry from the 1979 edition of the IUPAC "Blue Book" (out of print) and "Basic terminology of stereochemistry" (IUPAC Recommendations 1996) was prepared by H. J. T. Bos, D. Tavernier, F. C. Alderweireldt, and L. Maat of the Koninklijke Nederlandse Chemische Vereniging (KNCV, Royal Netherlands Chemical Society), in cooperation with the Koninklijke Vlaamse Chemische Vereniging (KVCV, Royal Flemish Chemical Society). It is available from the KNCV, Burnierstraat 1, 2596 HV The Hague, Netherlands.

"Basic terminology of stereochemistry" (IUPAC Recommendations 1996) is a glossary of the more important, and most widely used, stereochemical terms. It extends the list of those defined in the IUPAC Nomenclature of Organic Chemistry, Section E: Stereochemistry (IUPAC Recommendations 1974) [Pure Appl. Chem., Vol. 45, No. 1, pp. 11-30, 1976] and includes some terms from the Glossary of Terms used in Physical Organic Chemistry (IUPAC Recommendations 1994) [Pure Appl. Chem., Vol. 66, No. 5, pp. 1077-1184, 1994]. Additional terms have been added from inorganic and macromolecular chemistry. Some misleading terms are included, together with guidance on correct usage or acceptable alternatives. Many of the symbols used in stereochemical nomenclature are mentioned, but details of their assignment or their incorporation into chemical names are left to the appropriate recommendations. Terminology related to techniques used in the determination of stereochemistry is largely excluded, as well as terms used to describe reaction mechanisms.


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