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Vol. 22, No.2, March 2000

2000, Vol. 22
No. 2 (March)
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Chemistry International
Vol. 22, No. 2
March 2000

Conference Announcements


Advanced Principles of Toxicology

24 April - 5 May 2000,
Guelph, Ontario, Canada

This two-week, graduate equivalent open learning course at the University of Guelph is designed for professionals working in toxicology-related fields. It is jointly organized by the University of Guelph's Centre for Toxicology and Department of Environmental Biology and the Canadian Network of Toxicology Centres.

This course is an advanced survey covering many aspects of toxicology. It is designed for people in industry, government, or education who are planning to work or are currently working in areas related to toxicology. Learners will receive basic background information in important traditional areas in toxicology, as well as in areas that are currently developing. This background information will include principles, definitions, and basic information, and it is designed to bring participants up to current levels of understanding of toxicology as it applies to both the human health and environmental areas of toxicology. This graduate level equivalent course normally requires that learners have a bachelorís or masterís degree with course work in statistics, chemistry, and biology.

Toxicology topics covered will include mechanism of toxic action, toxicological principles (mammals), human health risk assessment, developmental and reproductive toxicology (mammals), endocrine modulators, epidemiology, ecotoxicology (plants), carcinogenicity, ecotoxicology (animals), and ecotoxicological risk assessment.

For more information on course content, contact Dr. Len Ritter or Dr. Keith Solomon, Tel.: +1 519 837 3320; Fax: +1 519 837 3861. For information about registration, contact Office of Open Learning, University of Guelph, 159 Johnston Hall, Guelph, Ontario, N1G 2W1, Canada; Tel.: +1 519 767 5000; Fax: +1 519 767 1114; Web site:


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