Chemistry International
Vol. 22, No.3, May 2000

2000, Vol. 22
No. 3 (May)
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Chemistry International
Vol. 22, No. 3
May 2000

New Projects


Environmental Analytical Chemistry–Problems Related in Part to Mining in Africa

Chemists in the developing world are faced with globalization of the economy, and regulatory chemists and lab managers need to be aware of the latest official methods of analysis. Because Africa is engaged in many heavy mining projects, it is anticipated that at least five African countries will be involved in reviewing environmental chemistry activities related to mining. Ten officials of five different chemical societies in Africa have all stated that their largest pollution problems with air, water, food, and soil stem from mining.

IUPAC’s Joint Working Party with IOCD on Environmental Analytical Chemistry in Developing Countries has developed a joint project with the International Organization for Chemical Sciences in Development (IOCD) and the host for our meeting, Prof. Dr. Ernst L. J. Breet, School of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Potchefstroom, South Africa, to make available the latest laboratory techniques, information, and official methodology concerning environmental analytical chemistry to African analytical and supervisory chemists.

As a part of this project, a five-day regional workshop will be held 24—29 September 2000 at the University of Potchefstroom, South Africa. This workshop will address official analytical methods for water, air, food, and soils in Africa needed for problems associated with mining and other sources of pollution. Laboratory management will also be addressed, and the approach of past successful workshops of the Joint Working Party, such as the one held on Environmental Analytical Chemistry for Regulatory Chemists and Laboratory Managers in Prague, Czech Republic 16—18 June 1999 (see report in March 2000 Chemistry International, Vol. 22, pp. 33—34), will be followed.

Comments from the chemistry community are welcome and should be addressed to the project coordinator, Dr. Walter R. Benson, Chairperson, IOCD/IUPAC Joint Working Party, 6209 Crathie Lane, Bethesda, MD 20816-1003, USA; Tel./Fax: +1 301 229 3913; E-mail: [email protected], and to the workshop host, Dr. E. L. J. Breet, Professor of Chemistry, School of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Potchefstroom University for Christian Higher Education, Private Bag X6001, Potchefstroom 2520, Republic of South Africa NR 140, Tel.: +27 18 299 2343; Fax: +27 18 299 2350; E-mail: [email protected]. See projects/1999/6_1_99.html for project description and update.




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