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Vol. 22, No.3, May 2000

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Chemistry International
Vol. 22, No. 3
May 2000

Reports from IUPAC-Sponsored Symposia


4 th International Symposium on Functional Dyes

31 May—4 June 1999
Osaka, Japan

The 4th International Symposium on Functional Dyes – Science and Technology of Functional Ö Electron Systems was held at Cosmosquare International Education and Training Center, Osaka, Japan from 31 May-4 June 1999 under the co-sponsorship of IUPAC and the Kinki Chemical Society of Japan. This symposium followed the first symposium in Osaka in June 1989, the second one in Kobe in August 1992, and the third one in Santa Cruz, California, USA in July 1995. A total of 572 participants from 21 countries registered for the 4 th symposium. The term "functional dyes" implies "functional Ö electron systems". The objective of the symposium series has been to contribute to the progress of science and technology of this promising interdisciplinary field, combining biology, chemistry, physics, and potential technological applications, and to strengthen interactions between universities and industrial research laboratories.

The symposium is intended to bring together scientists and engineers working on functional Ö electron systems from all over the world to discuss potential progress that will take place in the future, as well as the problems remaining to be solved. The scientific program symposium covered all aspects (from molecular design to device fabrication) of functional Ö electron systems of current interest, e.g., biologically active substances, fullerenes, liquid crystals, supramolecules, and materials for electronic and photonic devices. In particular, the symposium focused on the functions of Ö electron systems and consisted of three sessions: Ö electron systems with (1) biological functions, (2) chemical functions, and (3) physical functions.

The symposium included 3 plenary lectures, 18 invited lectures, 3 invited talks each at the 2 special sessions on computational chemistry and advanced materials, and 275 contributed papers in either oral (48) or poster (227) presentations.

All the participants enjoyed the high scientific quality and friendly, warm atmosphere of this symposium. The symposium helped participants to gain valuable information on further potential development in this attractive interdisciplinary field through the exchange of knowledge and ideas, stimulating young researchers who should carry science and technology forward into the 21 st century. On behalf of the organizing committee, we wish to express our hearty thanks for the excellent contributions and the kind cooperation of all the authors.

Profs. Eiji Osawa, Yasuhiko Shirota, and Zenichi Yoshida
Symposium Editors of the 4 th International Symposium on Functional Dyes–Science and Technology of Functional
Ö Electron Systems
Osaka, Japan


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