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Chemistry International
Vol. 23, No. 1
January 2001


Conference Announcement

18th International Congress of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (18th ICCC 2002 Kyoto), 20-25 October 2002, Kyoto, Japan

This meeting, held in conjunction with the 42nd Annual Meeting of the Japan Society of Clinical Chemistry (42nd JSCC), has the theme "50 Years of Clinical Chemistry Progress: Into the New Century--An Asian Perspective on a Global Theme".

Clinical chemistry has reached the point where data concerning body constituents are used not only to analyze patients’ pathological states, but also to understand the underlying pathogenic processes. This trend reflects the general current of medicine away from treatment that is experiential, symptomatic, and average, to one that is scientific, etiological, and focused on the individual patient.

The 18th International Congress of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (18th ICCC 2002 Kyoto), being the first of these meetings in the third millennium and also the first in the Asian region, will provide a valuable opportunity for participants to discuss the impact of new technologies (such as gene diagnostics and medical informatics) on basic knowledge and clinical usefulness, as well as how scientific, technical, and organizat i o n a l change and renewal could be advanced in Asia and throughout the world. Expanding spheres of clinical chemistry and laboratory medicine, such as clinical nutrition, clinical pharmacology, and environmental medicine, will also be at the core of the program.

This congress, which commemorates the 50th anniversary of the International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (IFCC), will high-light the increasing significance of clinical chemistry and laboratory medicine in health care all over the world.

For additional information, contact Secretariat of 18th ICCC 2002 Kyoto, c/o Center for Academic Societies Japan, Osaka, 14th Floor, Senri Life Science Center Building, 1-4-2 Shinsenrihigashi-machi, Toyonaka 560-0082, Japan; Tel.: +81 6 6873 2301; Fax: +81 6 6873 2300; E-mail: [email protected]; Web site:


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