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Chemistry International
Vol. 23, No. 1
January 2001


Conference Announcement

14th IFCC-FESCC European Congress of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (EUROMEDLAB 2001), 26-31 May 2001, Prague, Czech Republic

This meeting, held in conjunction with the 5th Czech National Congress of Clinical Chemistry, will feature symposia devoted to the following topics:

  • Education and management (management in the clinical laboratory, education in clinical chemistry and laboratory medicine, training and practice in evidence-based laboratory medicine, preanalytics, veterinary clinical chemistry as a part of laboratory medicine, minerals, and body fluids)
  • Evidence-based medicine (EBM)-Clinical and laboratory aspects (A global perspective-Understanding the social, economic, and ethnic factors in the atherosclerosis epidemic; EBM in coronary heart diseases; analytical goals in relation to clinical needs; patient outcomes and laboratory medicine; cytokines in clinical diagnostics; coronary heart disease: from mechanism to prevention; EBM in diagnostics and therapy of metabolic bone diseases; EBM and cancer; EBM in lipid diagnostics; role of cardiac markers)
  • Molecular biology (DNA microchips; molecular biology- technological aspects; cellular iron distribution: from genetic to clinical outcomes; pharmaco-genetics, pharmacogenomics, and drug development; proteome analysis; molecular diagnostics of cancer; coagulation: molecular biology and genetics; inborn errors of metabolism; clinical chemistry of organ transplantation; markers of iron turnover)
  • Toward quality in clinical chemistry and laboratory medicine (harmonization by registration, accreditation, and calibration in clinical chemistry; point-of-care testing in hospitals: a challenge for the clinical laboratory; computers and clinical chemistry; clinical toxicology and TDM; global aspects of regulation for in vitro diagnostics; errors in laboratory medicine; modern technologies; harmonization of EQA schemes)
  • Hormonal regulations, metabolic markers, and immunity (biochemistry of aging, neuroactive steroids and endocrine disruptors, fertility and pregnancy, endocrinology and diabetes, free radicals, nutrition, role and function of macrophages, signal transduction, cerebrospinal fluid analysis, allergy, and autoimmunity)

For further information, contact EUROMEDLAB Secretariat, Institute for Clinical Biochemistry and Diagnostics, University Hospital, CZ-50005 Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic; Tel.: +420 49 583 3040; Fax: +420 49 583 2003; E-mail: [email protected]; Web site: <>


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