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Chemistry International
Vol. 23, No. 1
January 2001

News from IUPAC


Green Chemistry

Vol. 72, No. 7 (July 2000) of Pure and Applied Chemistry (PAC) is a Special Topic Issue on Green Chemistry.

Copies are available from the IUPAC Secretariat for USD 50 each (including shipping and handling) as long as supplies last.

Order - by e-mail: <[email protected]>
- by fax: +1 919 485 8706


the bookshelf
PAC Special Topics Project
OECD Workshop on Sustainable Chemistry
WP on Synthetic Pathways and Processes in Green Chemistry
PAC Green Chem issue
Task Group & Project
ChemRawn 2001
Interuniversity Consortium - Chemistry for Environment
Green Chem Institute
Green Chem Network - RSC
Green Chem - ACS edu
Triple Bottom Line

The terminology "green chemistry" or "sustainable chemistry" is the subject of debate. The expressions are intended to convey the same or very similar meanings, but each has its supporters and detractors, since "green" is vividly evocative but may assume an unintended political connotation, whereas "sustainable" can be paraphrased as "chemistry for a sustainable environment", and may be perceived as a less focused and less incisive description of the discipline. Other terms have been proposed, such as "chemistry for the environment" but this juxtaposition of keywords already embraces many diversified fields involving the environment, and does not capture the economic and social implications of sustainability. The Working Party decided to adopt the term green chemistry for the purpose of this overview. This decision does not imply official IUPAC endorsement for the choice. In fact, the IUPAC Committee on Chemistry and Industry (COCI) favors, and will continue to use sustainable chemistry to describe the discipline.

Intent and content of the Special Topic Issue on Green Chemistry are summarized in the Foreword and Preface.

Online note
Triple Bottom Line' @ SustainAbility
Founded in 1987, SustainAbility is the longest established international consultancy dedicated to promoting the business case for sustainable development. Much of their work focuses on environmental strategy and management. As the area evolves, they are helping to define the sustainable development agenda around what they call the "triple bottom line".
Safeguarding Venice
M. Freemantle reports in C&EN 78(35), 28 Aug 2000 (p.23) on the sceintific research that is key factor in efforts to save Venice and its lagoon from pollution and rising waters. Among others, Freemantly interviews Prof. P. Tundo and Dr. S. Memoli, contributors and editors of this PAC Special Topic Issue - online>search:venice


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