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Chemistry International
Vol. 23, No. 1
January 2001


New Projects

Ionic Strength Corrections for Stability Constants

IUPAC has approved a three-year project to produce a freely available computer program to correct activity coefficients and, hence, stability constants, for ionic strength changes over a wide range of molalities. Calculations will be based on Specific Interaction Theory (SIT).

The program will contain a small database of interaction coefficients for many common ions and media (not critically evaluated) and facilities for calculating approximate values when experimental values have not been reported in the literature. It will be possible for users to add new values to the database, or to correct existing values.

Comments from the chemistry community are welcome and should be addressed to Dr. L. Pettit, Academic Software, Sourby Old Farm, Timble, Otley, Yorkshire, LS21 2PW, England, UK; Fax: +44 1943 880310; E-mail: [email protected].

See for project description and update.


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