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Chemistry International
Vol. 23, No. 1
January 2001


New Projects

University Education in Polymer Science

IUPAC has approved a 2-year project to collect and to exchange experience on education in polymer science at institutions of higher learning around the world. Specific objectives include the following:

  • Collection of curricula in polymer science (for universities having special educational programs in this field), including the following materials:
    • preparation of transparencies of main lecture courses in polymer science to be posted on the web
    • development of electronic teaching facilities in polymer science
  • Organization of meetings dedicated to exchange of experience in polymer education. The following meetings are within the framework of the project:
    • 28–29 June 2000, Copenhagen, Denmark (preparatory meeting on University Education in Polymer Science at a satellite meeting of the European Polymer Workshop "Polymer Surfactants")
    • 15–20 July 2001, Eindhoven, the Netherlands (at the Congress of the European Polymer Federation)
    • 7–12 July 2002, Beijing, China (Symposium on University Education in Polymer Science, as part of the IUPAC World Polymer Congress)
  • Formulation of recommendations for education in polymer science for:
    • a minimum set of topics for lecture courses in polymer science
    • the most useful practicum problems
  • Organization of distant lecturing facilities for specialists in polymer science
  • Analysis of directions for changes in content of polymer education in the 21st century (in connection with changing trends in polymer research)

Comments from the chemistry and polymer community are welcome and should be addressed to the project coordinator, Prof. A. R. Khokhlov, Physics Department, Moscow State University, Moscow 117234 Russia; Tel.: +7 095 939 1013; Fax: +7 095 939 2988; E-mail: [email protected].

See for project description and update.


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