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Macromol. Symp., Vol. 146, 1999, pp. 1 - 273

Molecular Mobility and Order

IUPAC Symposium on 3rd International Symposium on Molecular Mobility and Order in Polymer Systems
St. Petersburg, Russia

Yuli Ya Gotlib  
Molecular mobility, structural organization and complexing properties of copolymer macromolecules 1
Elizaveta V. Anufrieva,* Raisa A. Gromova, Yurii E. Kirsh, Mark G. Krakovyak, Natalya A. Yanul, Vanda B. Lushchik, Vladimir D. Pautov, Tamara V. Sheveleva
Molecular dynamics in nanostructured polyimide-silica hybrid materials and their thermal stability 9
Vladimir A. Bershtein,* Larisa M. Egorova, Pavel N. Yakushev, George Georgoussis, Apostolos Kyritsis, Polycarpos Pissis, Petr Sysel, Libuse Brozova  
NMR and vibrational spectroscopic study of the order and mobility in polycarbonate and polycarbonate - poly(ethylene oxide) blends 17
Jirí Dybal,* Jirí Brus, Pavel Schmidt  
Relaxation study of poly((4-oligodimethylsiloxanyl)styrene)s by solid state 29Si NMR 25
Yusuke Kawakami*  
The superstructure of carbosilane dendrimers with perfluorinated end groups in bulk and in solution 33
B. Stark, C. Lach, H. Frey, B. Stühn*  
New polymer electrolyte membranes for low temperature fuel cells 41
J. Ennari,* S. Hietala, M. Paronen, F. Sundholm, N. Walsby, M. Karjalainen, R. Serimaa, T. Lehtinen, G. Sundholm  
Rheo-optical FT-IR spectroscopy of solid poly(acrylic acid) films 47
Amar A. Mavinkurve*  
The comparison of relaxation events with spectroscopic properties of polymer composites with fibrillar dopings on the basis of low density polyethylene and polypropylene 55
Shaval V. Mamedov,* Vilayet A. Alekperov, Yesim Ozcanli  
The modulus of a cross linked melt 71
Sam Edwards,* Hiroshi Takano  
Theory of relaxation spectra of polymer networks with interchain friction and long-range hydrodynamic interactions 81
Yuli Ya. Gotlib*  
Alternative theory of hydrodynamic interactions in polymer solutions 89
Igor P. Borodin, Teodor N. Khazanovich*  
Dynamics of macromolecules and nuclear magnetic relaxation: application of mode-coupling diffusion theory to DNA, proteins and their complexes 97
Simone Fausti,* Giovanni La Penna, Angelo Perico, Roberto Pratolongo  
The role of intermolecular interactions in the viscoelastic properties of polymer melts 103
Nail Fatkullin, Rainer Kimmich*  
Intra- and inter-chain fluctuations in entangled polymer melts in bulk and confined to pore channels 109
Rainer Kimmich,* Nail Fatkullin, Ralf-Oliver Seitter, Elmar Fischer, Uwe Beginn, Martin Möller  
An improved theory of polymer dynamics in solution: probe diffusion and viscosity 117
K.L. Ngai*  
Steady-state properties and dynamic behavior of polymer chains in dilute solution under elongational flow 125
José Ginés Hernández Cifre, José García de la Torre*  
Computer modelling of structure and dynamics of C-50 n- paraffin crystal, hexagonal phase of C-50 crystal and ethylene/propylene statistical copolymers 133
Eduard Oleinik,* Ilya Karmilov, Sergei Shenogin, Alexander Kalashnikov, Michael Mazo, Nikolai Balabaev, Sergei Chvalun  
Comparative analysis of structure and temperature behaviour of two copolyamides-regular KEVLAR and statistical ARMOS 145
Andrei A. Levchenko,* Evgueni M. Antipov, Nikolaj A. Platé, Manfred Stamm  
Electron crystallography and organic materials with non-linear optical properties 153
Ingrid G. Voigt-Martin,* Ute Kolb, Hans Kothe, Alexander V. Yakimanski, Ri-Cheng Yu, Galina N. Matveeva, Andrey V. Tenkovtsev  
The effect of polyolefin's molecule and supermolecule structures on some industrial processes 163
Sheval Mamedov, Ahmet Koyun,* Selçuk Varol, Velayet Alekperov, Yeçim Lenger, Selcen Öksüz  
Influence of salts on hydrophobically end-capped polyethylene oxides in aqueous solution 171
Emmanuel Beaudoin, Christine Gourier, Alain Lapp, Jeanne François*  
Comparative study of the polydimethylsiloxane monolayer with styrene and polystyrene 179
Svetlana B. Marchenko, Inessa A. Gritskova, Sergei Yu. Zaitsev*  
A study of the optical properties of polypropylene based polymer composite films 187
F.Senel Boydag,* Shaval V. Mamedov, Vilayet A. Alekperov, Gulcin Kandemir  
Hydrogel composites of neutral and slightly charged poly(acrylamide) gels with incorporated bentonite. Interaction with salt, linear polyelectrolytes and ionic surfactants 193
Serguei G. Starodoubtsev,* Natalia A. Churochkina, Alexander T. Dembo, Alexei R. Khokhlov  
Polymer gel/organic dye complexes in aqueous salt solutions 199
I.R. Nasimova, E.E. Makhaeva,* A.R. Khokhlov  
Ion aggregation in polymer gels 207
Olga E. Philippova,* Alexei R. Khokhlov  
Theory of supercrystalline structures in mixtures of ABC triblock and AB, BC and AC diblock copolymers 215
Tatiana M. Birshtein,* Alexey A. Polotsky, Victor M. Amoskov  
Polyelectrolyte gel elasticity in poor solvent 223
A. Johner,* T.A. Vilgis, J.F. Joanny  
Competition between liquid-crystalline ordering and glassy freezing in melts of semiflexible polymers: a Monte Carlo simulation 227
W. Paul,* H. Weber, K. Binder  
Simulation of intermediate order in polymeric glasses 235
Peter J. Ludovice,* Savant Ahmed, Jon Van Order, Jerry Jenkins  
Molecular dynamics studies of anchored polyelectrolytes 243
Felix S. Csajka, Catharina C. van der Linden, Christian Seidel*  
New conformations and new types of helix sense reversals and defects in the chains of nonchiral poly(alkyl isocyanates) 251
Natalia V. Lukasheva,* Satu Niemela, Igor M. Neelov, Anatolii A. Darinskii, Franciska Sundholm, Robert Cook  
Computer simulation of globules with microstructure 259
Victor A. Ivanov,* Alexander V. Chertovich, Alexei A. Lazutin, Nadezhda P. Shusharina, Pavel G. Khalatur, Alexei R. Khokhlov  
Collapse of diblock copolymer in poor solvent. Molecular dynamcis study 267
Igor Neelov,* Satu Niemela, Franciska Sundholm, Mikael Skrifvars  

*The asterisk indicates the name of the author to whom inquiries should be addressed.

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