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Macromol. Symp., Vol. 161, 2000, pp. 1-190

Controlled Synthesis of Functional Polymers

Symposium Editor, J. Kahovec
Wiley-VCH, 2000, pp. 1-190
ISBN 3-527-30140-2


The microsymposium "Advances in Polymerization Methods. Controlled Synthesis of Functionalized Polymers" was the 39th in the series of the Prague Meetings on Macromolecules organized since 1967. The microsymposium devoted to the tailoring of polymers tried to bring together experts dealing with controlled polymerizations of all kinds regardless of the character of the growing chain-end. Thus, anionic, cationic, and radical processes were discussed leading to polymers with tailored structure and properties and bearing reactive groups. The main topics covered were: (i) Tailoring of polymers by ionic living systems, (ii) Controlled free-radical polymerization, (iii) Synthesis of functionalized polymers by initiation and termination methods and by chemical modification of polymers, and (iv) Characterization and application of functionalized polymers. It was shown that both the ionic (R.P Quirk) and radical (K. Matyjaszewski) methods can offer the desired products; none of them, however, is generally applicable and each method has its advantages and drawbacks (P. Lutz). Several lecturers presented the utilization of appropriate combinations of polymerization methods giving polymers and copolymers of new structures, thus demonstrating potentials of controlled polymerization and stimulating new research initiatives.

An effort was made to include specialists from various parts of the world (127 participants from 29 countries); also young scientists were encouraged to participate in the meeting. The scientific program consisted of 9 invited (main) lectures presented by top experts in various fields, 23 short (special) presentations and 61 posters. Most of the oral contributions are included in the present volume reflecting both the quality and diversity of the meeting and giving a brief overview for those interested in the field.

The organizers of the microsymposium wish to express their gratitude to the sponsoring companies: Unipetrol, Inc., Czech Republic; Sigma-Aldrich Ltd., Czech Republic; Eastman Chemical Europe, B.V., United Kingdom; Bayer A.G., Germany; and Exxon Chemical Europe, Belgium.

Petr Vlcek

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