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Macromol. Symp., Vol. 168, 2001, pp. 1-116

Natural and Synthetic Polymers:
Challenges and Perspectives

Symposium Editor, Waldo Argüelles-Monal
Wiley-VCH, 2001, pp. 1-116
ISBN 3-527-30330-8


The 7th Latin American Symposium on Polymers (SLAP 2000), a joint meeting with the 5th lbero-American Congress on Polymers and 1st Ibero-American Symposium on Chitin and Chitosan, was held in Havana, Cuba, from the 20th to 24th of November, 2000. This Congress was organized by the Cuban Chemical Society, Polymers Section and sponsored by the University of Havana, the International Union for Pure and Applied Chemistry, the Centre for Research on Food and Development (Hermosillo, Mexico) and the Third World Academy of Sciences.

The SLAPS have been organized since 1988 as and effort of the Latin American polymer scientists and businessmen to exchange, discuss and share results on macromolecular science. It could be stated that SLAP 2000 closed a cycle in the life of these Latin American and Ibero-American meetings, after having been celebrated previously in Venezuela, Mexico, Spain, Brazil, Argentina and Chile. It was a pleasure to welcome 291 delegates coming from Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Norway, Peru, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, USA and Venezuela. The program of the meeting included the following topics:
1. Synthesis and characterization of polymers
2. Chemical modifications and specialty polymers
3. Polymer processing
4. Rheology
5. Composites
6. Biomass utilization
7. Biopolymers and natural polymers
8. Polymer degradation
9. Environmental impact and recycling
10. Biomedical, pharmaceutical and biotechnological applications
11. Polymer physics

In addition to the above-mentioned topics, the First Ibero-American Symposium on Chitin and Chitosan also took place. The present volume collects some of the Invited Lectures presented by well-known specialists, giving an overview on the main challenges and perspectives in current macromolecular science.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee of SLAP 2000 I would like to thank all the Latin and Ibero-American colleagues, as well as those from other regions, for their participation and support that culminated in this successful meeting.

W. Arguelles-Monal
University of Havana

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