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Macromol. Symp., Vol. 171, 2001, pp. 1-263

15th Polymer Networks Group Meeting

Polymer Networks'2000
Rzeszów University of Technology,
Jagiellonian University in Crackow, Poland
17-21 July, 2000

Some simulations on elastomers and rubberlike elasticity
James E. Mark
Critical conversions in chain network polymerization 11
Vadim I. Irzhak,* Tamara F. Irzhak, Gennadii V. Korolev  
Formation, structure and properties of polymer networks: gel-point prediction in endlinking polymerisations 19
J.I. Cail, R.F.T. Stepto,* D.J.R. Taylor  

Off-lattice long-range percolation modelling of a network polymerisation

Henryk Galina,* Jaromir B. Lechowicz  
The structure of amorphous sulfur 45
Bruce E. Eichinger,* Erich Wimmer, Jannie Pretorius  
Motion of star-branched chains in polymer networks: a Monte Carlo study 57
Andrzej Sikorski  
Monte Carlo simulations of star-branched polymers in a network of obstacles 63
Piotr Romiszowski,* Andrzej Sikorski  
Unsolved problems in the theory of dynamics in homogeneous and heterogeneous polymer networks 69
Yuli Ya. Gotlib,* Andrew A. Gurtovenko  
Viscoelastic properties at the sol-gel transition 79
Emanuela Del Gado,* Lucilla de Arcangelis, Antonio Coniglio  
The polyaddition, chain, and polycondensation machanisms of formation of networks based on bismaleimides 87
Boris A. Rozenberg,* Emma A. Dzhavadyn, Roger J. Morgan, Eugene E. Shin  
Designing heterogeneity into bimodal elastomeric PDMS networks 97
Vassilios Galiatsatos,* Pazam R. Subramanian, Lisa Klein-Castner  
Formation, structure and physical properties of ordered polyurethane networks 105
Michal Ilavsky, Helena Valentová, Zdenka Sedláková, Jan Nedbal  
The size of cryofracture figures in the network of segmented polyurethane elastomers 115
Helena Janik  
The role of tin(II) octoate - azobisisobutyronitrile complex in the formation rate of the respective networks in simultaneous interpenetrating polymer networks 123
Mohamed Tahar Tabka, Jean-Michel Widmaier*  
The formation and properties of acrylic-polyurea interpenetrating networks formed by reaction injection moulding (RIM) 139
John L. Stanford,* Anthony J. Ryan, Ying Yang  
Dielectric and dynamic mechanical studies on homogeneous PBA/PBMA interpenetrating polymer networks 151
Polycarpos Pissis,* Apostolos Kyritsis, José Maria Meseguer Dueñas, Manuel Monleón Pradas, Débora Torres Escuriola, Gloria Gallego Ferrer, José Luis Gómez Ribelles  
Reinforcement of elastomeric networks by fillers 163
Liliane Bokobza  
Structure of polymer solutions and gels containing fillers 171
Erik Geissler,* Anne-Marie Hecht, Ferenc Horkay  
Organic-inorganic hybrid networks 181
Libor Matejka,* Oksana Dukh  
Crosslink nature in Cr(III)-polyacrylamide gels 189
Klaas te Nijenhuis  
Ion-exchange induced change in the structure and osmotic properties of sodium polyacrylate hydrogels 201
Ferenc Horkay,* Peter J. Basser, Anne-Marie Hecht, Erik Geissler  
Characterization of hydrophilic networks synthesized by group transfer polymerization 209
Maria Vamvakaki, Edna N. Yamasaki, Stella C. Hadjiyannakou, Costas S. Patrickios*  
Hydrophobically associating water-soluble polymers; a dramatic growth of solution viscosity and the specificity of physical gel formation 225
Lidiya Z. Rogovina,* Victor G. Vasil'ev, Natalia A Churochkina, Tatiyana I. Pryakhina  
The swelling behaviour of siloxane elastomers in relation to their microscopic structure 233
Alain Pouchelon,* Catherine George, Philippe Menez  
Calorimetric study of photopolymerisation of divinyl monomers 243
Ewa Andrzejewska  
Influence of temperature, pressure and connectivity on the dynamics of a glass-forming system investigated by dielectric spectroscopy 253
Silvia Corezzi,* Simone Capaccioli, Riccardo Casalini, Pierangelo Rolla, Giuseppe Gallone  

* The asterik indicates the name of the author to whom inquiries should be addressed

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