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Macromol. Symp., Vol. 189, 2002, pp. 1-141

Polymer Science Insights

6th Brazilian Polymer Conference
November 11-15, 2001
Gramado, Brazil


Preface, M.-A. De Paoli

Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Polymer Networks Based on the Copolymerization of Methacryloxypropyl-Silsesquioxanes and Styrene

Patricia Eisenberg, Juan C. Lucas, Roberto J. J. Williams*

Polymer Electrostatics: Detection and Speciation of Trapped Electric Charges by Electric Probe and Analytical Electron Microscopy
Fernando Galembeck*, Carlos Alberto Paula Leite, Maria do Carmo, V M. da Silva, Amauri José Keslarek, Carlos Alberto Rodrigues Costa, Érico Teixeira-Neto, Márcia Maria Rippel, Melissa Braga  
Porous Crosslinked Spherical Resins for Diversified Applications: Packing Materials for Size Exclusion Chromatography
Fernanda M. B. Coutinho*, Márcia A. F. S. Neves, Marcos L. Dias  
Compatibilization of Elastomer-Based Blends
Bluma G. Soares*, Alex S. Sirqueira, Marcia G. Oliviera, Mauricio S.M. Almeida  
Morphology Development and Mechanical Response of Supramolecular Structures in Rubber Blends

R. H. Schuster

Conductive Polymer Blends: Preparation, Properties and Applications 
Marco-A. De Paoli*, Wilson A. Gazotti  
Shear Controlled Morphology of Rubber/Organoclay Nanocomposites and Dynamic Mechanical Analysis
Frank Schön, Ralf Thomann, Wolfram Gronski*  
Results Coming from Homogeneous and Supported Metallocene Catalysts in the Homo- and Copolymerization of Olefins
Raúl Quijada*, Jaime Retuert, Juan L. Guevara, René Rojas, Marcela Valle, Pilar Saavedra, Humberto Palza, Griselda B. Galland  
The Strange Case of the "Oscillating" Catalysts
Vincenzo Busico*, Roberta Cipullo, Winfried Kretschmer, Giovanni Talarico, Michele Vacatello, Valeria Van Axel Castelli  

* Corresponding author

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