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Macromol. Symp., Vol. 191, 2003, pp. 1-200

Molecular Order and Mobility
in Polymer Systems

4th International Symposium
Saint-Petersburg, Russia
June 3-7, 2002


Preface, T.M. Birshtein

In Memory of M.V. Volkenshtein
Tatiana M. Birshtein, Anna A. Mercurieva

I. Copolymers and Polymer Blends, see also papers 5,6,9,10,11,17,19.
Weak Segregation in Molten Statistical Copolymers
Pierre-Gilles de Gennes
Interplay of Chemical and Physical Factors in Reacting Polymer Blends. Theoretical Considerations
Nicolay A. Platé, Arkady D. Litmanovich, * Yaroslav V Kudryavtsev, Elena N. Govorun
Molecular Order and Dynamics in Block Copolymers of Poly (oxybutylene)and Poly(oxyethylene) .
Daniel Fragiadakis, Maria Bouga, Apostolos Kyritsis,Polycarpos Pissis, * Kyriakos Viras, Withawat Mingvanish, Co/in Booth

II. Macromolecules in Solution, see also papers 9,10,11,12,13.
A Meanfield Approach to the Thermodynamics of a Protein-Solvent System with Application to the Oligomerization of the Tumor Suppressor p53
Jaan Noolandi
Computer Simulations of Stretching and Collapse of Polymer Moleculesin Solution
Igor M. Neelov, D. B. Adolf G. R. Davies, Anatoly A. Darinskii,F. Satu Niemela, M. Skrifvars, Franciska Sundholm

III. Polymer Brushes, see also papers 11,20.

Microphase Coexistence in Polymeric Brushes
Tatiana M. Birshtein, * Victor M. Amoskov, Leonid I. Klushin, Anna A. Mercurieva, Alexey A. Polotsky, Petr A. Iakovlev
Behavior of a Nematic Liquid Near a Grafted Solid Surface
Francoise Brochard-Wyart, * Olivier Ou Ramdane, Yvette Tran,Philippe Auroy
When Tethered Chains Meet Free Ones; The Stability of Polymer Wetting Films on Polymer Brushes
Joost H. Maas, Frans A. M. Leermakers, Gerard J. Fleer,Martinus A. Cohen Stuart*
Interaction of Dissolved )Proteins withSpherical Polyelectrolyte Brushes
A. Wittemann, B. Haupt, R. Merkle, M. Ballauff*

IV. Micelles and Complexes, see also papers 5,9,10.
Effects of Temperature on Neutron Scattering from Aqueous Solutionsof Hydrophobically Modified Poly(ethylene oxide)
Emmanuel Beaudoin, Oleg Borisov, Alain Lapp, Jeanne Francois *
Adsorption of Flexible Polymers on Small Colloids:Complexes and Gels
S. Diez Orrite, * J. Bonet Avalos, A. Johner, J. F. Joanny
Self-Organization of Ionic Surfactants Controlled byOppositely Charged Pólyelectrolytes
Victor A. Kabanov, * Alexander B. Zezin, Victor A. Kasaikin,Julia A. Zakharova, Ekaterina A. Litmanovich, Elena M. Ivieva

V. Polymer Networks, see also papers 4,12.

Elastomers with Multimodal Distributions of Network Chain Lengths.
J. E. Mark
The Relaxation Spectra of Polymer Networks with Different Typesof Topology, Ordering, Heterogeneity
Yuli Ya. Gotlib, * Andrew A. Gurtovenko, Isaak A. Torchinskii,Vladimir A. Shevelev, Vladimir P. Toshchevikov
Network Models and their Dynamics: Probes of Topological Structure
Alexander Blumen, * Aurel Jurjiu, Thorsten Koslowski

VI, Bulk Polymers, see also papers 2,3,4,14,15,16,20.
Scale Dependent Diffusion in Latex Films Studied by PhotoinducedGrating Relaxation Technique
Eckhard Bartsch, * Thilo Jahr, Thomas Eckert, Hans Sillescu,Andrei Veniaminov
Computer Simulation Study of Bulk Atactic Polystyrenein the Vicinity of the Glass Transition
Alexey V Lyulin, J. J. De Groot, M. A. J. Michels*
Dielectric Relaxations in Polymers Containing Dioxacyclohexane Rings by Thermostimulated Depolarization Currents
Ricardo Diaz-Calleja, * Maria Jesús Sanchis, Milton Aravena, Evaristo Riande, Julio Guzmán

VII. LC Polymer Systems, see also papers 7,8,15.

Computer Simulation of the Liquid Crystal Formation in a Semi-Flexible Polymer System
Anatoly A. Darinskii, Igor M. Neelov, Anna Zarembo, *Nikolai K. Balabaev, Franciska Sundholm, Kurt Binder
* Corresponding author

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