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Macromol. Symp., Vol. 195, 2003, pp. 1-327

Progress in Polymer Science
and Technology

2002 IUPAC World Congress
Beijing, China

July 7-12, 2002


Preface, Mao Xu

Developments in Understanding the Formation, Structure and Properties of Polymer Networks
R. F T Stepto,* J I. Cail, D. J. R. Taylor I. M. Ward, R. A. Jones
Polymer Industry and Innovation in Macromolecule Science andTechnology in China

Hong Dingyi

New Trends in Industrial Polymer Research
Hans Uwe Schenck  
Controlling Polymer Structures by Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization and Other Controlled/Living Radical Polymerizations
Krzysztof Matyjaszewski l 
Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization of Vinyl Monomers in the Presence of Tetraethylthiuram Disulfide
Kun-Yuan Qiu, * Peng Li, Xiao-Ping Chen
Ethene-Butadiene Copolymers by Single-Site Catalysts

Walter Kaminsky, * Benjamin Hinrichs

Synthesis of Polyolefins with Unique Properties by Using Metallocene-Type Catalysts
Yukio Imanishi, * Naofumi Naga, Michiyo Tsubooka
Syntheses and Characterizations of Polypropene, Polystyrene and Their Block Copolymers with Titanocene Catalysts
Shangan Lin, Qing Wu, Rui Chen, Fangming Zhu

Recent Advances in the Anionic Synthesis of Chain-End Functionalized Polymers

Roderic P. Quirk,* Tae-Hee Cheong, Kevin Jiang, Deanna L. Gomochak,Taejun Yoo, Keith T Andes, Robert T Mathers

Stereocontrol Using Lewis Acids in Radical Polymerization

Yoshio Okamoto, * Shigeki Habaue, Yutaka Isobe, Yoshikatsu Suito

Homo- and Copolymerization of Styrene Using Combined Diphenyizinc Additive Initiator Systems

Franco M. Rabagliati,* Monica A. Perez, Rodrigo A. Cancino, Francisco J. Rodriguez, Carlos J. Caro
Ring-Opening Polymerizations for the Synthesis of Sequence-Controlled Copolymers
Iwhan Cho
Structure-Property Correlation of Light-Emitting Polymers Containing Alternating Phenylene and ThienylenelBithienylene Repeating Units
Jingmei Xu, * Hardy S. 0. Chan, S. C. Ng
OCTA (Open Computational Tool for Advanced Material Technology)
Masao Doi
Supramolecular Research by Single Molecule Force Spectroscopy
Shuxun Cui, Wenke Zhang, Qiaobing Xu, Chi Wang, Xi Zhang*
Preparation of Multihollow Polymer Particles by the Alkali/Cooling Method under Partial Neutralization Conditions

Masayoshi Okubo, * Masahiro Okada, Kenjin Shiba

A Study on Hydrogen Bonding in Controlled-Structure Benzoxazine Model Oligomers

Ho-Dong Kim, Hatsuo Ishida *

Nanometer Scale Mechanical Study on Well Defined Nanostructured Chain Aggregation of Polyethylene

Binyang Du, Jieping Liu, Jian Zhang, Decai Yang, Tianbai He,* Ophelia K. C. Tsui

Progress in Liquid Chromatography of Synthetic Electroneutral Polymers

Dusan Berek

Macromolecular Assembly: From Irregular Aggregates to Regular Nanostructures

Ming Jiang, Hongwei Duan, Daoyong Chen

  Structure and Dynamics of Dendritic Macromolecules

Alexander N. Ozerin, Aziz M. Muzafarov, Valentin I. Gordeliy, Alexander I. Kuklin, Galina M. Ignat'eva, Mikhail A. Krykin, Lyudmila A. Ozerina, Natalia A. Shumilkina, Akhmed Kh. Islamov, Eugene Yu, Sharipov, Ruslan I. Mukhamedzyanov

Synthesis and Optical Properties of Hyperbranched Polyarylenes and Linear Polyacetylenes

Zhiliang Xie, Han Peng, Jacky W Y Lam, Jumwu Chen, Yonghua Zheng, Chengfeng Qiu, Hoi Sing Kwok, Ben Zhong Tang*

Polymer Dynamics of Thin Films and Monolayers
Hyuk Yu
Self-Assembly in Mixtures of Block Copolymers: "Co-Surfactant Effects" on Morphology Control

Takeji Hashimoto, * Daisuke Yamaguchi, François Court

Photochemically-Induced Refractive Index and Fluoresence Patterning on Polymer Films

Kazuyuki Horie, * Seiichirop Murase, Satoshi Takahashi, Madoka Teramoto, Hidemitsu Furukawa

Surface Friction of Polyelectrolyte Gels 209
Jian Ping Gong, * Go Kagata, Yoshihito Osada  
Highly Conducting Graphitic Carbon Films and Nano Patterns from Poly(p phenylenevinylere) Prepared on the Surface of Silicon Wafers by the CVD Method 217
Kyungkon Kim, Guolun Zhong, Jung-il Jin*  
Excimer Suppression Mechanism in Light Emitting Polymer Blends 225
J. -W Yu, J. K Kim, D. Y. Kim, C. H. Kim, N. W Song, D. Kim, C. Y Kim*  
Cell Sheet Engineering: Intelligent Polymer Patterned Surfaces for Tissue Engineered Liver 231
Masami Harimoto, Masayuki Yamato, Akihiko Kikuchi, Teruo Okano *  
Synthesis of Functional Polycarbonates by Lipase-Catalyzed Ring-Opening Polymerization 237
Jun Feng, Renxi Zhuo, * Feng He, Xuli Wang  
Degradable Polymers: Design, Synthesis and Testing 241
Anna Finne, Maria Ryner, Ann-Christine Albertsson*  
Dextran-Spermine Conjugate: An Efficient Vector for Gene Delivery 247
T Azzam, H. Eliyahu, A. Makovitzki, A. J. Domb*  
An Important Biodegradable Polymer - Polylactone-Family Polymer 263
Shenguo Wang, * Qing Cai, Jianzhong Bei  
Aggregation of Ionic Amphiphils in Dilute Solutions Controlled by Oppositely Charged Polyelectolyte Templates 269
Victor A. Kasaikin, * Julia A. Zakharova, Ekaterina A. Litmanovich, Elena M. Ivieva, Alexander B. Zezin, Victor A. Kabanov  
Coordination Structure of Active Site in Synthetic Hemoprotein (Albumin Heme) with Dioxygen and Carbon Monoxide 275
Eishun Tsuchida, * Akito Nakagawa, Teruyuki Komatsu  
Synthesis and Properties of Carbon Dioxide - Epoxides Copolymers from Rare Earth Metal Catalyst 281
Zhilong Quan, Jiadong Mm, Qinhai Zhou, Dong Xie, Jingjiang Liu, Xianhong Wang, * Xiaojiang Zhao, Fosong Wang  
Novel Characterization of Branching and/or Cross-linking Structures in Condensation Polymers by Reactive Pyrolysis-Gas Chromatography in the Presence of Organic Alkaline 287
Shin Tsuge, * Hajime Ohtani, Keishi Oba  
Recent Developments in Oriented Polymers for Biomedical and Engineering Applications 293
Ian Macmillan Ward  
Time-Resolved Structural Studies in Fiber Processing 297
Christian Burger, Shaofeng Ran, Dufei Fang, David Cookson, Kazuyuki Yabuki, Yoshihiko Termoto, Philip M. Cunniff P. James Viccaro, Benjamiin S. Hsiao, Benjamin Chu*  
Extruder Processing for Nanoblends and Nanocomposites 303
Guo-Hua Hu, * Lian-Fang Feng  
Bimodal Polyethylene Products from UNIPOL (TM) Single Gas Phase Reactor Using Engineered Catalysts 309
Han-Tai Liu, * Chris R. Davey, Pradeep P. Shirodkar  
Multibranched Star-Shaped Polyethers 317
Grzegorz Lapienis, Stanislaw Penczek*  

* Corresponding author

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