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Macromol. Symp., Vol. 197, 2003, pp. 1-466

7th World Conference
on Biodegradable Polymers
& Plastics

Tirrenia, Italy
June 4-8, 2002



Preface, E. Chiellini, R. Solaro

Bacterial Production of PHA from Lactose and Cheese Whey Permeate
Silvana Povolo,* Sergio Casella
Synthesis of Novel Graft Polyhydroxyalkanoates

Estelle Renard,* Pierre-Yves Tanguy, Eric Samain, Philippe Guerin

Fiber Spinning Behavior of a 3-Hydroxybutyrate/3-Hydroxyhexanoate Copolymer
Eric Bryan Bond 
Controlling Polymer Structures by Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization and Other Controlled/Living Radical Polymerizations
Rodrigo Cirillo Baltieri,* Lucia H. Innocentini Mei, Julio Bartoli
Factorial Design in Optimization of PHAs Processing
Emo Chiellini,* Elizabeth Grillo Fernandes, Matteo Pietrini, Roberto Solaro
Biodegradable Polymeric Films Based on Microbial Poly(3-Hydroxybutyrate). Effect of Gamma-Radiation on Mechanical Properties and Biodegradability

S. S. Miyazaki,* A. R. Yep, F. Kolton, É. B. Hermida, F. Povolo, E. G. Fernandes, E. Chiellini*

Thermal and Mechanical Properties of Poly(3-Hydroxybutyrate-co-3-Hydroxyvalerate) Plasticized by Biodegradable Soybean Oils
Jea Shin Choi, Won Ho Park*
Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Poly(3-Hydroxybutyrate) Blends with Starch and Starch Derivatives
Lucia H. Innocentini-Mei,* Julio R. Bartoli, Rodrigo C. Baltieri

Characterization of Surface Modified Flax Fibers and Their Biocomposites with PHB

Seung Goo Lee,* Sung-Seen Choi, Won Ho Park, Donghwan Cho

Aqueous Phase Size Exclusion Chromatography of Polyvinylalcohols of Different Degrees of Hydrolysis

Igor Lacik,* Radka Snauková, Barbora Simková, Silvia Hanzelová, Pavol Alexy

Injection Molded Hybrid Composites Based on Corn Fibers and Poly(Vinyl Alcohol)

Patrizia Cinelli, John W. Lawton, Sherald H. Gordon, Syed H. Imam, Emo Chiellini*
Biodegradable Hybrid Polymer Films Based on Poly(Vinyl Alcohol) and Collagen Hydrolyzate
Emo Chiellini,* Patrizia Cinelli, Vassolka I. Ilieva, Antonio Ceccanti, Pavol Alexy, Dusan Bakos
Liquid Mulch Based on Poly(Vinyl Alcohol). PVA-Soil Interaction
Emo Chiellini,* Patrizia Cinelli, Salvatore D'Antone, Vassilka I. Ilieva, Simone Magni, Sergio Miele, Silva Pampana
Characteristics and Degradation of Hybrid Composite Films Prepared from PVA, Starch and Lignocellulosics
Patrizia Cinelli, Emo Chiellini,* Sherald H. Gordon, Syed H. Imam
Synthesis and Thermal Properties of Epoxy Resins from Ester-Carboxylic Acid Derivative of Alcoholysis Lignin
Shigeo Hirose,* Tatsuko Hatakeyama, Hyoe Hatakeyama
Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Rigid Polyurethane Foams Derived from Sodium Lignosulfonate Mixed with Diethylene-, Triethylene- and Polyethylene Glycols

T. Hatakeyama,* Y. Asano, H. Hatakeyama

Thermosetting of Wheat Protein Based Bioplastics: Modeling of Mechanism and Material Properties  
Sandra Domenek,* Marie-Hélène Morel, Andréas Redl,* Stéphane Guilbert  
New Thermo-Molded Biodegradable Films Based on Sunflower Protein Isolate: Aging and Physical Properties

Olivier Orliac,* Francoise Silvestre

Thermoplastic Processing of Protein-Based Bioplastics: Chemical Engineering Aspects of Mixing, Extrusion and Hot Molding

Marion Pommet,* Andréas Redl, Marie-Hélène Morel, Sandra Domenek, Stéphane Guibert

Novel Blends from Agave Fibers and Poly(methyl methacrylate)

Andreas Koschella, Thomas Heinze,* Jose Luis Rivera Armenta, Ana Maria Mendoza Martinez

Effect of Filler Shape on Mechanical Properties of Rigid Polyurethane Composites Containing Plant Particles

Masahiro Funabashi,* Shigeo Hirose, Tatsuko Hatakeyama, Hyoe Hatakeyama

Unconventional Cellulose Products by Fluorination of Tosyl Cellulose

Andreas Koschella, Thomas Heinze*

Polycaprolactone Based Biodegradable Polyurethanes
Shu Hui Wang,* Luiziana F. Silva, Juliana Kloss, Marilda Munaro, Gabriel Pinto de Souza, M. Alice Wada, J. Gregorio C. Gomez, S. Zawadzki, L. Akcelrud  
The Performance of Degradable Polymer Bags

Georgina Davis,* Hugh Bulson, David Harrison, Eric Billett

Properties and Adsorptive Capacity of Amino Acids Modified Chitosans for Copper Ion Removal  
Mariamne Dehonor-Gomez, Margarita Hernandez-Esparza,* F. Alberto Ruiz-Trevio, Roberto, Contreras-Reyes
Part 2: Biodegradable Polymeric Materials for Biomedical/Pharmaceutical Applications
Multifunctional Polyesters as New Candidate Materials for Biomedical Applications. Synthesis and Structural Characterization
Francesca Signori, Roberto Solaro, Emo Chiellini,* Priscilla A. M. Lips, Pieter J. Dijkstra, Jan Feijen
Malolactonate Polymers and Copolymers for Biomedical Applications

Ranieri Bizzari, Federica Chiellini, Christopher K. Ober, W. Mark Saltzman, Roberto Solaro, Emo Chiellini*

An Investigation of the Condensation Kinetics in Poly(Ester-Amide) and Poly(Ester-Sulphide) Preparation

Roberto Solaro, Ranieri Bizzarri, Emo Chiellini*

Biodegradable Starburst Carbon Chain Polymer-Protein and Lysine Dendrite Conjugates: Adjustment of Immune Properties, DNA Bonding and Delivery
Guennady P. Vlasov  
Polymeric Nanoparticles Based on Polylactide and Related Copolymers
Emo Chiellini,* Vera L. Covolan, Lorenzo M. Orsini, Roberto Solaro  
Biodegradable Ultra High Strength Poly(L-lactide) Rods for Bone Fixation
Suong-Hyu Hyon,* Fengzhe Jin, Khosrow Jamshidi, Sadami Tsutsumi, Tetsuo Kanamoto  
Surface Patterning and Biological Evaluation of Semi-Interpenetrated
Poly(HEMA)/Poly(Alkyl b-malolactonate)s
Federica Chiellini, Ranieri Bizzarri, Christopher K. Ober, Dirk Schmaljiohann, Tianyue Yu, W. Mark Saltzman, Roberto Solaro, Emo Chiellini*  
Part 3: Biodegradation Assessment of Polymeric Materials  
A Simple Method Suitable to Test the Ultimate Biodegradability of Environmentally Degradable Polymers
Emo Chiellini,* Andrea Corti  
Strategies for Detecting Ecotoxicological Effects of Biodegradable Polymers in Agricultural Applications
J. Fritz,* M. Sandhofer, C. Stacher, R. Braun  
Biodegradation of Packaging Materials: Composting of Polyolefins
Jitendra K. Pandey, A. Pratheep Kumar, R. P. Singh*  
Degradation of the Blends of Natural and Synthetic Copolyesters in Different Natural Environments
Maria Rutkowska,* Katarzyna Krasowska, Aleksandra Heimowska, Marek Kowalczuk  
The Enzymatic Degradation of Commercial Biodegradable Polymers by Some Lipases and Chemical Degradation of Them
Chikara Tsutsumi,* Nobuki Hayase, Katsuhiko Nakagawa, Suminori Tanaka, Yasushi Miyahara  
Additives for Controlled Degradation of Agricultural Plastics: ENVIROCARE�
M. Bonora,* D. De Corte  
Effect of the Remaining Lanthanide Catalysts on the Hydrolytic and Enzymatic Degradation of Poly-(-caprolactone)
Richard Gattin,* Adina Cretun, Denise Barbier-Baudry  

* Corresponding author

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