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Macromol. Symp., Vol. 200, 2003, pp. 1-296

Polymer Networks 2002

Autrans (France), 2002



Preface, E. Geissler

  1. Atypical Polysaccharide Physical Gels: Structure/Property Relationships, 1
    Alexandra Clayer, Laurent Vachoud, Christophe Viton, Alain Domard*
  2. Encapsulation of Magnetic Self-assembled Systems in Thermoreversible Gels, 9
    Jean-Michel Guenet,* Sandrine Poux, Daniel Lopez, Annette Thierry, André Mathis, Mark M. Green, Weihong Liu
  3. Calcium Induced Volume Transition in Polyelectrolyte Gels, 21
    Ferenc Horkay,* Peter J. Basser, Anne-Marie Hecht, Erik Geissler
  4. Hyperelasticity and Stress Softening of Filler Reinforced Polymer Networks, 31
    Manfred Klüppel
  5. Reinforced Superabsorbent Polyacrylamide Hydrogels, 45
    Olga E. Philippova,* Yuri D. Zaroslov, Alexei R. Khokhlov, Gerhard Wegner
  6. Outstanding Covalent Conjugated Gels: Electrically Conducting Rubbers, 55
    Brigitte Pépin-Donat, Annie Viallat*
  7. Polymer Gels and Brushes at Surfaces, 67
    T. A. Vilgis,* J. F. Joanny, A. Johner
  8. Thermal and Photo-actuation in Nematic Elastomers, 81
    Mark Warner,* Eugene Terentjev
  9. Smart Nanocomposite Polymer Gels, 93
    Zsolt Varga, József Fehér, Genovéva Filipcsei, Miklós Zrínyi*
  10. Study of the Interaction Polymer/Organic Solvents/Salt in Microporous PVdF Separator for Lithium Batteries, 101
    J. Saunier, F. Alloin,* J.-Y. Sanchez
  11. Modelling Auto-Acceleration in DGEBA/Diamine Systems, 111
    M. Gonzáles, M. Kindelán, J. C. Cabanelas, J. Baselga*
  12. Microscopic Deformation of Filler Particles in Rubber Under Uniaxial Deformation, 121
    Gábor Belina,* Volker Urban, Ekkehard Straube, Wim Pyckhout-Hintzen, Manfred Klüppel, Gert Heinrich
  13. Arabinoxylan Networks as Affected by Ovalbumin Content, 129
    Elizabeth Carvajal-Millan, Anne Surget, Xavier Rouau, Stéphane Guilbert, Valérie Micard*
  14. Rheological Investigation of Swollen Gluten Polymer Networks: Effects of Process Parameters on Cross-link Density, 137
    Sandra Domenek,* Marie-Hélène Morel, Andreas Redl, Stéphane Guilbert
  15. Swelling, Elasticity and Structure of Hydrogels Prepared via bis-Macromonomers of Poly(ethylene oxide), 147
    Sergey A. Dubrovskii,* Marina A. Lagutina, Vitalij V. Vasiljev
  16. Filler Networks in Elastomers, 157
    Françoise Ehrburger-Dolle,* Françoise Bley, Erik Geissler, Frédéric Livet, Isabelle Morfin, Cyrille Rochas
  17. Percolation Model of Hyperbranched Polymerization, 169
    Henryk Galina,* Jaromir B. Lechowicz, Marek Potoczek
  18. Interaction of Non-ionic Hydrogels with Weak Aromatic Acids, 181
    Krisztina László,* Katalin Kosik, Genovéva Filipcsei, Miklós Zrínyi
  19. H-Bond in Chitosan-based Hydrogels, 191
    Meihua Xin, Mingchun Li,* Kangde Yao
  20. Evaluation of the Degree of Cross-Linking of Cellulose-Based Superabsorbent Hydrogels: A Comparison between Different Techniques, 199
    Francesca Lionetto,* Allesandro Sannino, Guiseppe Mensitieri, Alfonso Maffezzoli
  21. Controlled-Release of Drugs from Cross-linked Polymers Containing Cubane as a Crosslinking Agent, 209
    Mehrdad Mahkam
  22. Thermodynamics of Water Sorption in Acrylic Homonetworks and IPNs, 217
    Gloria Gallego Ferrer, Manuel Monleón Pradas,* José Luis Gómez Ribelles
  23. Ion Condensation in a Polyelectrolyte Gel, 227
    Isabelle Morfin,* Ferenc Horkay, Peter J. Basser, Françoise Bley, Françoise Ehrburger-Dolle, Anne-Marie Hecht, Cyrille Rochas, Erik Geissler
  24. Compression Elastic Modulus of Neutral and Protonated Poly(N-vinylimidazole) Hydrogels, 235
    Joaquín Valencia, Juan Baselga, Isabel E. Pacios, Inés F. Piérola*
  25. A Monte Carlo Simulation of a Knotted Linear Chain System as an Elementary Network Fragment, 243
    Piotr Romiszowski,* Andrzej Sikorski
  26. Properties of Simple Models of Polymer Networks. A Monte Carlo Simulation, 249
    Andrzej Sikorski,* Piotr Romiszowski
  27. Predicting the Modulus of End-linked Networks from Formation Conditions, 255
    R. F. T. Stepto,* J. I. Cail, D. J. R. Taylor
  28. Viscoelastic Properties of Polyacrylonitrile Gels: Dependence of Sol-Gel Transition on Concentration and Aging Time, 265
    Yutaka Tanaka
  29. Deterministic Solutions for a Step-growth Polymerization, 271
    Sungjae Choi, Xiangdong Liu, Delmar C. Timm*
  30. Water Sorption Properties of Poly(Ethyl Acrylate-co-Hydroxyethyl Methacrylate) Macroporous Hydrogels, 283
    Ana Vidaurre,* Isabel Castilla Cortázar, José María Meseguer
  31. Properties of Epoxy Systems with Clay Nanoparticles, 291
    Markéta Zelenková Mysková, Jirí Zelenka,* Vladimír Spacek, Frantisek Socha
* Asterisks indicate the name(s) of the author(s) to whom inquiries should be addressed.


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