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Macromol. Symp., Vol. 204, 2003, pp. 1-294

Macromolecule-Metal Complexes

IUPAC 10th International Symposium on
Macromolecule-Metal Complexes (MMC-10)
Moscow (Russia), 2003



Preface, E. Karakhanov, A. Maksimov

  1. Macromolecular Metal Complexes in Nature and Laboratory: A Survey through the Field, 1
    D. Wöhrle,* A. D. Pomogailo, O. Suvorova, O. Tsaryova, G. Dzardimalieva, N. Baziakina
  2. Oxygen-Carrying Plasma Hemoprotein "Albumin-Heme": Nitric Oxide Binding and Physiological Responses after Administration in vivo, 13
    Eishun Tsuchida,* Teruyuki Komatsu
  3. Polythiophenylene Synthesis through Multi-electron Transfer Process, 19
    Kenichi Oyaizu, Eishun Tsuchida*
  4. Synthesis of Poly(ethynylplatinumporphyrin) and its Application as an Oxygen Pressure-Sensitive Paint, 27
    Hyundae Hah, Tomoyuki Sakai, Keisuke Asai, Hiroyuki Nishide*
  5. Polysaccharides Based Hydrogels for Biological Applications, 37
    R. Barbucci,* M. Consumi, S. Lamponi, G. Leone
  6. Molecularly Controlled Blending of Metals and Organic Metals with Polyolefins for the Preparation of Materials with Modulated Optical Properties, 59
    Andrea Pucci, Paolo Elvati, Giacomo Ruggeri, Vincenzo Liuzzo, Nicola Tirelli, Mauro Isola, Francesco Ciardelli*
  7. Specific Electron Transfer Mechanism from the Photoexcited Tetrasulfonated Zn(II)-Tetraphenylporphyrin to Methylviologen via Self-Assembled Ionic Complex, 71
    M. Kaneko,* K. Suzuki, Esther Ebel, Dieter Wöhrle
  8. Proton-Conducting Polymer Membranes for Direct Methanol Fuel Cells, 79
    Jongok Won,* Yong Soo Kang
  9. Synthesis of Azo-conjugated Catecholate Complexes and their Photo- and Proton-responses, 93
    Sayoko Nagashima, Masayuki Nihei, Teppei Yamada, Masaki Murata, Masato Kurihara, Hiroshi Nishihara*
  10. Dimensionally Oriented Redox-active p-Conjugated Systems , 103
    Toshikazu Hirao,* Kaori Saito
  11. Soluble Polymeric Ligands for Metal Complexation and Catalyst Recovery, 113
    David E. Bergbreiter,* Jonathon D. Frels, Chunmei Li
  12. Effect of Supercritical CO2 on Bulk Hydrogenation of Nitrile Butadiene Rubber Catalyzed by RhCl(PPh3)3, 141
    Guanghui Li, Qinmin Pan, Garry L Rempel,* Flora T. T. Ng
  13. Electrochemical Reduction of Carbon Dioxide Catalyzed by Cofacial Dinuclear Metalloporphyrin, 151
    Osamu Enoki, Takane Imaoka, Kimihisa Yamamoto*
  14. Supramolecular Catalytic Systems Based on Calixarenes and Cyclodextrins, 159
    Edward A. Karakhanov,* Anton L. Maksimov, Elena A. Runova, Yulia S. Kardasheva, Maria V. Terenina, Tatyana S. Buchneva, Anna Ya. Guchkova
  15. Comparative Study of Cu(II) Catalytic Sites Immobilized onto Different Polymeric Supports, 175
    A. Kucherov,* E. Finashina, N. Kramareva, V. Rogacheva, A. Zezin, E. Said-Galiyev, L. Kustov
  16. Polyfunctional Activity of Metal Complexes Containing 2,6-Di-tert-butylphenol in Catalytic Oxidation, 191
    Elena R. Milaeva,* Dmitry B. Shpakovsky, Valery S. Petrosyan
  17. Oxidation of Catecholamines on Chitosan-Immobilized Co(II) Salen Complexes, 205
    E. D. Finashina,* N. V. Kramareva, L. M. Kustov
  18. Recent Progress in Applications of Ligand-Stabilized Metal Nanoclusters, 219
    Naoki Toshima
  19. Metal Catalysis to Improve Compatibility at PO/PET Blends Interfaces, 227
    Maria-Bearice Coltelli, Sabrina Bianchi, Stefania Savi, Vincenzo Liuzzo, Mauro Aglietto*
  20. The Complexes of Macromolecules and Metal Nanoparticles: Pseudo-template Synthesis and Behavior, 237
    I. M. Papisov
  21. Combined XPS and AFM Study of Cluster-Containing Polymers Based on Rh, 251
    Alevtina M. Lyakhovich,* Sophia S. Mikhailova, Svetlana I. Pomogailo, Gulzhian I. Dzhardimalieva, Anatolii D. Pomogailo
  22. Magnetic Properties of Polymer Matrix Nanocomposites on a Basis of Metal Carboxylates, 257
    Marcin K. Leonowicz, Marta Lawecka, A. Slawska-Waniewska, Gulzhian I. Dzhardimalieva,* Aleksander S. Rozenberg, Anatolii D. Pomogailo
  23. Synthesis and Properties in Solution of Ruthenium(II) Coordination Polymers, 267
    Ralf Knapp, Steffen Kelch, Oliver Schmelz, Matthias Rehahn*
  24. Conformational Switching between Carboxylic Acid and Carboxylate Anion States by NH···O Hydrogen Bonding, 287
    Norikazu Ueyama,* Kazuyuki Takahashi, Akira Onoda, Takaaki Okamura, Hitoshi Yamamoto

* Asterisks indicate the name(s) of the author(s) to whom inquiries should be addressed.

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