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Macromolecular Symposia: 2006

Here is the list of the issues which include IUPAC-sponsored symposia published in Macromolecular Symposia.

Polymers for Africa
Macromol. Symp. vol 231
January 2006, ISBN 3-527-31334-6
> Content doi:10.1002/masy.200590031
> Preface
8th UNESCO/IUPAC Conference on Macromolecules: Polymers for Africa, Reduit (Mauritius), 4-9 June 2005
Symposium Editor:
D. Jhurry

Fillers, Filled Polymers and Polymer Blends
Macromol. Symp. vol 233
February 2006, ISBN 3-527-31336-2
> Content doi:10.1002/masy.200690035
> Preface
First joint meeting of the 8th European Symposium on Polymer Blends and Eurofillers 2005, Bruges (Belgium), 9-12 May 2005
Symposium Editors:
P. Dubois, et al.

Macromolecule-Metal Complexes
Macromol. Symp. vol 235
March 2006
> Content doi:10.1002/masy.200690075
> Preface
11th IUPAC International Symposium on Macromolecule-Metal Complexes (MMC-11), R Tirrenia (Pisa), Italy, 10-13 Sep 2005
Symposium Editors:
R. Barbucci, F. Ciardelli, and G. Ruggeri

Molecular Mobility and Order in Polymer
Macromol. Symp. vol 237
March 2006
> Content doi:10.1002/masy.200690078
> Preface
5th International Symposium on Molecular Mobility and Order in Polymer Systems,
Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 20-24 June 2005
Symposium Editor:
A.A. Darinskii
x x

Advanced Polymers, Composites and Technologies
Macromol. Symp. vol 239
June 2006
> Content doi:10.1002/masy.200690117
> Preface
8th International Symposium on Polymers for Advanced Technologies,
Budapest, Hungary, 13-16 September 2005
Symposium Editors:
Gy. J. Marosi and T. Czigány
x x

Recent Trends in Ionic Polymerization
Macromol. Symp. vol 240
July 2006
> Content doi:10.1002/masy.200690120
> Preface
IUPAC Symposium on Ionic Polymerization,
Goa, India, 23-28 October 2005
Symposium Editors:
D. Baskaran and S. Sivaram

Polychar-14 - World Forum on Advanced Materials
Macromol. Symp. vol 242
October 2006
> Content doi:10.1002/masy.200690126
> Preface
POLYCHAR-14 World Forum on Advanced Materials (Polymer Application & Theory),
Nara City, Japan, 17-21 April 2006
Symposium Editors:
Masaru Matsuo, Kohji Tashiro, and Yuezhen Bin

World Polymer Congress - MACRO 2006
Macromol. Symp. vol 245/246
December 2006
> Content doi:10.1002/masy.200790004
> Preface
41st International Symposium on Macromolecules,
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 16-21 July 2006
Symposium Editor:
A. de Souza Gomes

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