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 Pure Appl. Chem. Vol. 68, No. 7 (1996)

Pure and Applied Chemistry

Vol. 68, Issue 7

3rd International Symposium on Functional Dyes, Santa Cruz, California, USA

IUPAC Recommendations on Nomenclature and Symbols and Technical Reports from Commissions

3rd International Symposium on Functional Dyes (Functional Dye '95), Santa Cruz, California, USA, 16-21 July 1995

Porphyrinoid macrocycles: A cornucopia of novel chromophores
E. Vogel
p. 1355 [full text - pdf 461 kB]

Functional dyes from nature: Potentials for technical applications
N. Hampp and A. Silber
p. 1361 [full text - pdf 982 kB]

Photochromic diarylethenes for photonic devices
M. Irie
p. 1367 [full text - pdf 355 kB]

Boron-dipyrromethene dyes for incorporation in synthetic multi-pigment light-harvesting arrays
R. W. Wagner and J. S. Lindsey
p. 1373 [full text - pdf 649 kB]

Photophysical studies of probes bound to cross-link junctions in poly(dimethylsiloxane) elastomers and nanocomposites
P. B. Leezenberg, M. D. Fayer and C. W. Frank
p. 1381 [full text - pdf 814 kB]

Functional dyes in electro-optic and imaging applications
C. B. McArdle
p. 1389 [full text - pdf 468 kB]

Photochromic compounds: Chemistry and application in ophthalmic lenses
J. C. Crano, T. Flood, D. Knowles, A. Kumar and B. Van Gemert
p. 1395 [full text - pdf 272 kB]

New molecular systems for functional dye-based molecular switching of luminescence
J. Daub, M. Beck, A. Knorr and H. Spreitzer
p. 1399 [full text - pdf 436 kB]

Potentiometric dyes: Imaging electrical activity of cell membranes
L. M. Loew
p. 1405 [full text - pdf 426 kB]

Synthetic strategies of multifunctional porphyrins as receptors
H. Ogoshi, Y. Kuroda, T. Mizutani and T. Hayashi
p. 1411 [full text - pdf 299 kB]

Design and application of novel functional dyes containing polymers for biosensors and organic syntheses
Y. Okamoto, T. Kaku and R. Shundo
p. 1417 [full text - pdf 302 kB]

Polymeric colorants
J. Miley
p. 1423 [full text - pdf 426 kB]

Macrocyclic functional dyes: Applications to optical disk media, photochemical hole burning and non-linear optics
J. Seto, S. Tamura, N. Asai, N. Kishii, Y. Kijima and N. Matsuzawa
p. 1429 [full text - pdf 668 kB]

Recent progress in dichroic polymer-dispersed liquid crystal materials
P. S. Drzaic
p. 1435 [full text - pdf 444 kB]

A new guiding principle towards the spectral design of organic functional molecules
S. Nakamura, A. Murakami, M. Adachi and M. Irie
p. 1441 [full text - pdf 158 kB]

Photoionic devices with receptor-functionalized fluorophores
A. P. de Silva, H. Q. Nimal Gunaratne, T. Gunnlaugsson, C. P. McCoy, P. R. S. Maxwell, J. T. Rademacher and T. E. Rice
p. 1443 [full text - pdf 523 kB]

Ultrafast photon-mode recording and switching by photoinduced electron transfer
T. Nagamura
p. 1449 [full text - pdf 569 kB]

Thin film transistors based on molecular semiconductors
F. Garnier
p. 1455 [full text - pdf 531 kB]

Magnetism of C60 induced by photo-assisted oxidation
Y. Murakami and H. Suematsu
p. 1463 [full text - pdf 379 kB]

Anisotropic energy and electron migration in multichromophore-laden polymers on metal surfaces
J. K. Whitesell, H. K. Chang, M. A. Fox, E. Galoppini, D. M. Watkins, H. Fox and B. Hong
p. 1469 [full text - pdf 450 kB]

Semiconductor nanoclusters and fullerenes: A new class of sensitizing dyes for photoconductive polymers
Y. Wang
p. 1475 [full text - pdf 340 kB]

IUPAC Recommendations on Nomenclature and Symbols and Technical Reports from Commissions

Terminology for membranes and membrane processes (IUPAC Recommendations 1996)
Commission on Functional Polymers (W. J. Koros, Y. H. Ma and T. Shimidzu)
p. 1479 [full text - pdf 692 kB]

Critically-evaluated propagation rate coefficients in free radical polymerizations I. Styrene and methyl methacrylate (Technical Report)
Commission on Polymer Characterization and Properties (R. G. Gilbert)
p. 1491 [full text - pdf 266 kB]

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