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 Pure Appl. Chem. Vol. 69, No. 4 (1997)

Pure and Applied Chemistry

Vol. 69, Issue 4

International Symposium on Sweeteners, Jerusalem, Israel

16th IUPAC Symposium on Photochemistry, Helsinki, Finland

International Conference on Chemical Physics on the Border of 21st century, Moscow, Russia

International Symposium on Sweeteners, Jerusalem, Israel, 14-20 July 1996

Natural products for the improvement of the quality of life
Chulabhorn Mahidol, H. Prawat and S. Ruchirawat
p. 655 [full text - pdf 299 kB]

Taste recognition chemistry
R. S. Shallenberger
p. 659 [full text - pdf 672 kB]

Historical overview on structureactivity relationships among sweeteners
A. van der Heijden
p. 667 [full text - pdf 605 kB]

Improvement of taste of natural sweeteners
O. Tanaka
p. 675 [full text - pdf 577 kB]

Importance of molar volumes and related parameters in sweet taste chemoreception
G. G. Birch, S. Parke, R. Siertsema and J. M. Westwell
p. 685 [full text - pdf 629 kB]

Manipulation and magnification of the sweetness of sucrose
L. Hough, T. Suami and T. Machinami
p. 693 [full text - pdf 372 kB]

Receptors that mediate sweetness: Inferences from biochemical, electrophysiological and psychophysical data
S. S. Schiffman
p. 701 [full text - pdf 625 kB]

Dental aspects of the use of sweeteners
T. H. Grenby
p. 709 [full text - pdf 441 kB]

An immunological approach to the structural basis of the sweet taste
M. Goodman, D. Kent, M. Zanetti, M. Gerloni, M. Kohmura and Y. Ariyoshi
p. 715 [full text - pdf 305 kB]

Taste-acceptance and taste-aversion reflected by behavorial manifestations in man and animals
J. E. Steiner
p. 721 [full text - pdf 765 kB]

16th IUPAC Symposium on Photochemistry, Helsinki, Finland, 21-26 July 1996

Development of exciplex chemistry: Some fundamental aspects
N. Mataga
p. 729 [full text - pdf 460 kB]

About monoradicals, triplet diradicals and higher spin states: Understanding electronic substituent effects through EPR and time-resolved UV spectroscopy
W. Adam, C. van Barneveld, O. Emmert, H. M. Harrer, F. Kita, A. S. Kumar, W. Maas, W. M. Nau, S. H. K. Reddy and J. Wirz
p. 735 [full text - pdf 563 kB]

Single molecule spectroscopy: Spontaneous and light-induced frequency jumps
F. Kulzer, R. Kettner, S. Kummer and Th. Basché
p. 743 [full text - pdf 521 kB]

On the molecular origin of the protein catalysis of the primary process in bacteriorhodopsin photosynthesis: Retinal photoisomerization
M. A. El-Sayed and S. Logunov
p. 749 [full text - pdf 550 kB]

Photoregulation of cholinesterase activity
L. Peng, C. Colas and M. Goeldner
p. 755 [full text - pdf 319 kB]

Electronic energy migration and rotation within bichromophoric molecules
L. B.-Å. Johansson and J. Karolin
p. 761 [full text - pdf 370 kB]

Photoinduced electron transfer between ruthenium complexes and nucleotides or DNA
J. M. Kelly, M. M. Feeney, L. Jacquet, A. Kirsch-De Mesmaeker and J.-P. Lecomte
p. 767 [full text - pdf 443 kB]

Theoretical models for the selectivity of organic singlet and triplet photoreactions
M. Klessinger
p. 773 [full text - pdf 529 kB]

Conformational and circular dichroism studies on cyclodextrin inclusion complexes
G. Marconi and B. Mayer
p. 779 [full text - pdf 431 kB]

Spin-orbit coupling in biradicals: Structural aspects
J. Michl and Z. Havlas
p. 785 [full text - pdf 551 kB]

Photochemical determination of the interactions between surfactants and polyelectrolytes
M. G. Neumann and M. J. Tiera
p. 791 [full text - pdf 362 kB]

A chemical approach towards the photosynthetic reaction center
A. Osuka, N. Mataga and T. Okada
p. 797 [full text - pdf 436 kB]

Photochemical rearrangements of diazirines and thermal rearrangements of carbenes
M. S. Platz, H. Huang, F. Ford and J. Toscano
p. 803 [full text - pdf 324 kB]

Electron transfer photochemistry of bifunctional strained-ring and unsaturated systems
H. D. Roth, H. Weng, D. Zhou and T. Herbertz
p. 809 [full text - pdf 465 kB]

Absolute configuration correlation studies in solid state organic photochemistry
M. Leibovitch, G. Olovsson, J. R. Scheffer and J. Trotter
p. 815 [full text - pdf 669 kB]

Photophysics and photochemistry of triplet exciplexes between triplet naphthalene derivatives and benzophenone
H. Shizuka
p. 825 [full text - pdf 433 kB]

A new series of Re- and Ru-complexes having a lowest sp* excited state that varies from reactive to stable and long lived
D. J. Stufkens, M. P. Aarnts, B. D. Rossenaar and A. Vlcek Jr
p. 831 [full text - pdf 409 kB]

Matrix isolation study of reactive o-quinoid compounds: Generation detection and reactions
H. Tomioka
p. 837 [full text - pdf 274 kB]

Towards a quantitative characterization photoisomerization rates
J. Troe
p. 841 [full text - pdf 425 kB]

Photochemistry of pyridyl azides and diazo ketones in matrix and in solution
C. Wentrup, A. Reisinger, G. G. Qiao and P. Visser
p. 847 [full text - pdf 281 kB]

Quenching of electronically excited states by molecular oxygen in fluid solution
F. Wilkinson
p. 851 [full text - pdf 411 kB]

International Conference on Chemical Physics on the Border of 21st century, Moscow, Russia, 16-19 April 1996

N. N. Semnov and the chemistry of 20th century (to 100th anniversary of his birth)
A. E. Shilov
p. 857 [full text - pdf 732 kB]

Chemical physics and catalysis
K. I. Zamaraev
p. 865 [full text - pdf 1186 kB]

Non-traditional pathways of solid-phase astrochemical reactions
V. I. Goldanskii
p. 877 [full text - pdf 937 kB]

Thermodynamics of extreme states of matter
V. E. Fortov and I. V. Lomonosov
p. 893 [full text - pdf 810 kB]

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