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 Pure Appl. Chem. Vol. 69, No. 10 (1997)

Pure and Applied Chemistry

Vol. 69, Issue 10

11th International Symposium on Carotenoids, Leiden, The Netherlands

31st International Conference on Coordination Chemistry, Vancouver, Canada

11th International Symposium on Carotenoids, Leiden, The Netherlands, 18-23 August 1996

Stereochemical aspects of carotenoids
S. Liaaen-Jensen
p. 2027 [full text - pdf 754 kB]

(E/Z)-Isomeric carotenes
R. K. Müller, K. Bernhard, A. Giger, G. Moine and U. Hengartner
p. 2039 [full text - pdf 527 kB]

Carotenoid synthesis: A progress report
H. Pfander, B. Traber and M. Lanz
p. 2047 [full text - pdf 749 kB]

Liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry of carotenoids
R. B. van Breemen
p. 2061 [full text - pdf 468 kB]

The fate of carotenoids in sediments: An overview
J. S. Sinninghe Damsté and M. P. Koopmans
p. 2067 [full text - pdf 672 kB]

Carotenoid blues: structural studies on carotenoproteins
G. Britton, R. J. Weesie, D. Askin, J. D. Warburton, L. Gallardo-Guerrero, F. J. Jansen, H. J. M.de Groot, J. Lugtenburg, J.-P.Cornard and J.-C. Merlin
p. 2075 [full text - pdf 696 kB]

The mechanism of the colour shift of astaxanthin in a-crustacyanin as investigated by 13C MAS NMR and specific isotope enrichment
R. J. Weesie, R. Verel, F. J. H. M. Jansen, G. Britton, J. Lugtenburg and H. J. M. de Groot
p. 2085 [full text - pdf 477 kB]

Photo-excitation by a half-carotenoid: symbiosis between retinal and the visual protein opsin
W. J. de Grip, F. de Lange, P. Bovee, P. J. E. Verdegem and J. Lugtenburg
p. 2091 [full text - pdf 489 kB]

Towards understanding the ultra-fast dynamics of rhodopsin
D. P. Aalberts, F. L. J. Vos and W. van Saarloos
p. 2099 [full text - pdf 503 kB]

Ab initio molecular dynamics of rhodopsin
A. Bifone, H. J. M. de Groot and F. Buda
p. 2105 [full text - pdf 476 kB]

Model systems for observing photoredox reactions of carotenoids
A. L. Moore, T. A. Moore, D. Gust, J. J. Silber, L. Sereno, F. Fungo, L. Otero, G. Steinberg-Yfrach, P. A. Liddell, S.-C. Hung, H. Imahori, S. Cardoso, D. Tatman and A. N. Macpherson
p. 2111 [full text - pdf 548 kB]

On the photophysics and photochemical properties of carotenoids and their role as light-harvesting pigments in photosynthesis
H. A. Frank, V. Chynwat, R. Z. B. Desamero, R. Farhoosh, J. Erickson and J. Bautista
p. 2117 [full text - pdf 646 kB]

The xanthophyll cycle and carotenoid-mediated dissipation of excess excitation energy in photosynthesis
A. J. Young, D. Phillip, A. V. Ruban, P. Horton and H. A. Frank
p. 2125 [full text - pdf 636 kB]

Carotenoid levels in human lymphocytes, measured by Raman microspectroscopy
R. B. Ramanauskaite, I. G. M. J. Segers-Nolten, K. J. de Grauw, N. M. Sijtsema, L. van der Maas, J. Greve, C. Otto and C. G. Figdor
p. 2131 [full text - pdf 381 kB]

Metabolites of dietary carotenoids as potential cancer preventive agents
T. J. King, F. Khachik, H. Bortkiewicz, L. H. Fukushima, S. Morioka and J. S. Bertram
p. 2135 [full text - pdf 757 kB]

Current knowledge and future directions for research on antioxidant vitamins in prevention of cancer, cardiovascular and eye diseases
C. H. Hennekens
p. 2141 [full text - pdf 360 kB]

Bioavailability of carotenoids
J. J. M. Castenmiller and C. E. West
p. 2145 [full text - pdf 513 kB]

Molecular genetics of the carotenoid biosynthesis pathway in plants and algae
J. Hirschberg, M. Cohen, M. Harker, T. Lotan, V. Mann and I. Pecker
p. 2151 [full text - pdf 567 kB]

The regulation and genetic manipulation of carotenoid biosynthesis in tomato fruit
P. M. Bramley
p. 2159 [full text - pdf 225 kB]

High level expression of carotenogenic genes for enzyme purification and biochemical characterization
G. Sandmann
p. 2163 [full text - pdf 546 kB]

Commercial opportunities for carotenoid production by biotechnology
R. L. Ausich
p. 2169 [full text - pdf 455 kB]

31st International Conference on Coordination Chemistry, Vancouver, Canada, 18-23 August 1996

A structural model for silicotungstate (a-SiW12O404-) monolayers on silver (111)
M. Ge, A. A. Gewirth, W. G. Klemperer and C. G. Wall
p. 2175 [full text - pdf 437 kB]

Tailoring macrocycles for metal ion binding
L. F. Lindoy
p. 2179 [full text - pdf 637 kB]

Macrocyclic metal complexes for selective recognition of nucleic acid bases and manipulation of gene expression
E. Kimura, T. Ikeda and M. Shionoya
p. 2187 [full text - pdf 520 kB]

High oxidation state coordination chemistry with triamidoamine tungsten and molybdenum complexes
R. R. Schrock
p. 2197 [full text - pdf 540 kB]

X-ray absorption spectroscopic studies of metal centres in biology and developments of relevant synthetic analogues
C. D. Garner, P. Baugh, D. Collison, E. S. Davies, A. Dinsmore, J. A. Joule, E. Pidcock and C. Wilson
p. 2205 [full text - pdf 544 kB]

Coordination chemistry, and catalytic conversions, of H2S
B. R. James
p. 2213 [full text - pdf 575 kB]

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