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Pure Appl. Chem. Vol. 70, No. 2, pp. 259-526 (1998)


Pure and Applied Chemistry

Vol. 70, Issue 2

Chemistry of Natural Products

High Temperature Materials Chemistry

IUPAC Recommendations and Technical Reports

Lectures presented at the 20th IUPAC Symposium on the Chemistry of Natural Products held in Chicago, Illinois USA, 15-20 September 1996

Preface, E.C.Lee, M.S. Chorghade and R.J. Pariza

Enantioselective total synthesis of ()- a -kainic acid
M. D. Bachi and A. Melman
p. 259 [full text - pdf 280KB]

Redesigning nucleic acids
S.A.Benner, T.R.Battersby, B.Eschgfäller, D.Hutter, J.T.Kodra, S.Lutz, T.Arslan, D.K.Bäschlin, M.Blättler, M.Egli, C.Hammer, H.A.König, U.Krosigk, M.J.Lutz, L.J.MacPherson, S.E.Moroney, E.Müller, K.P.Nambiar, J.A.Piccirilli, C.Y.Switzer, J.J.Vögel, C.Richert, A.L.Roughton, J.Schmidt, K.C. Schneider and J. Stackhouse
p. 263 [full text - pdf 375KB]

Studies in biomimetic chemistry
R. Breslow
p. 267 [full text - pdf 272KB]

Design of inhibitors of leukotriene biosynthesis and their therapeutic potential
C.D.W.Brooks, A.O.Stewart, T.Kolasa, A.Basha, P.Bhatia, J.D.Ratajcyk, R.A.Craig, D.Gunn, R.R.Harris, J.B.Bouska, R.L. Bell and G.W. Carter
p. 271 [full text - pdf 320KB]

Oxidative DNA damage mediated by metalpeptide complexes,
C.J. Burrows, R.J. Perez, J.G. Muller and S.E. Rokita
p. 275 [full text - pdf 369KB]

Sugar mimics from sugar lactones
G.W.J. Fleet, J.C. Estevez, M.D. Smith, Y.Blé ;riot, C.la Fuente, T.M. Krülle, G.S. Besra, P.J. Brennan, R.J. Nash, L.N. Johnson, N.G. Oikonomakos and W. Stalmans
p. 279 [full text - pdf 481KB]

Carbohydrates to densely functionalized carbocycles: `armed and disarmed' effects in an approach to tetrodotoxin
B. Fraser-Reid, C.S. Burgey and R. Vollerthun
p. 285 [full text - pdf 315KB]

Enhancing DNA triplex stability via nucleobase modification,
K.N. Ganesh, V. Kumar, D.A. Barawkar, K.G. Rajeev and V.S. Rana
p. 289 [full text - pdf 260KB]

Synthesis of oligosaccharides of biological importance
P.J. Garegg, P. Konradsson, S. Lezdins, S. Oscarson, K. Ruda and L. Öhberg
p. 293 [full text - pdf 257KB]

Natural products and evolutionary ecology
O.R. Gottlieb and M.R. de M.B.Borin
p. 299 [full text - pdf 324KB]

Studies directed toward anti-HIV compounds
M.K. Gurjar and S.V.S. Lalitha
p. 303 [full text - pdf 281KB]

Interaction of bleomycin with DNA
J.C.Quada, Jr, G.F. Zuber and S. M. Hecht
p. 307 [full text - pdf 502KB]

Practical syntheses of antiviral nucleosides
K. Izawa and H. Shiragami
p. 313 [full text - pdf 407KB]

Quantum crystallography, a technique for extending the concept of structure
J. Karle, L. Huang and L. Massa
p. 319 [full text - pdf 435KB]

Utilization of structure-property relationships as a guide for achievement of high optical purity in aryloxyphenoxypropionates
L.D. Kerschner, J.J. Tai and P.R. Rudolf
p. 325 [full text - pdf 303KB]

Studies on the chemistry of Taxol®
D.G.I. Kingston
p. 331 [full text - pdf 318KB]

Fermentation-derived compounds as a source of new products
H.A. Krist
p. 335 [full text - pdf 393KB]

Complete structure of maitotoxin
Y. Kishi
p. 339 [full text - pdf 540KB]

The thiophene connection
E.P. Lira, M. Feng and R. Boettcher
p. 345 [full text - pdf 253KB]

Synthetics and structural studies on novel gibberellins
M. Pour, G.R. King, N.J.T. Monck, J.C. Morris, H. Zhang and L.N. Mander
p. 351 [full text - pdf 273KB]

Metal-oxo induced syn-oxidative polycyclizations of hydroxypolyenes: Biomimetic synthesis of polycyclic ether natural products
F.E. McDonald, T.B. Towne and C.C. Schultz
p. 355 [full text - pdf 332KB]

The impact of genomics on medicinal chemistry
B.W. Metcalf
p. 359 [full text - pdf 290KB]

A search for novel chemotherapy against tuberculosis amongst natural products
L.A. Mitscher and W.R. Baker
p. 365 [full text - pdf 504KB]

Synthesis of novel vitamin D analogs
R.M. Moriarty, R.Penmasta, M.S.Rao, L.Guo, F. Werner and R.G. Mehta
p. 373 [full text - pdf 201KB]

Solving challenging bioorganic problems by exciton coupled CD, N. Berova, B. Borhan, J.G. Dong, J. Guo, X. Huang, E. Karnaukhova, A. Kawamura, J. Lou, S. Matile, K. Nakanishi, B. Rickman, J.Su, Q. Tan and I. Zanze
p. 377 [full text - pdf 572KB]

New natural products from medicinal plants of Pakistan
A. Rahman and M.I. Choudhary
p. 385 [full text - pdf 386KB]

Studies directed toward the synthesis of Vancomycin and related cyclic peptides
A.V. Rama Rao
p. 391 [full text - pdf 392KB]

New approaches to glycoconjugate synthesis
R.R. Schmidt
p. 397 [full text - pdf 388KB]

Biological activities of some Turkish medicinal plants
B. Sener, F. Bingöl, I. Erdogan, W.S. Bowers and P.H. Evans
p. 403 [full text - pdf 337KB]

Chemical synthesis of oligosaccharide mimetics
p. 407 [full text - pdf 203KB]

Asymmetric synthesis using palladium catalysts
M. Sodeoka and M. Shibasaki
p. 411 [full text - pdf 355KB]

Chiral tridentate ligands based on 3-substituted binapthols and derived complex hydrides of aluminium
M. Hovorka, I. Smiskova, R. Holakovsky, J. Beran and I. Stibor
p. 415 [full text - pdf 266KB]

Concept transfer from the life sciences into materials science
Peter T. Glink and J. Fraser Stoddart
p. 419 [full text - pdf 481KB]

An approach to the synthesis of polysaccharide analogues
Andrea Vasella
p. 425 [full text - pdf 442KB]

Recent results on structural chemistry of new natural products from Chinese herbal medicine
De-quan Yu
p. 431 [full text - pdf 199KB]

Studies on the syntheses and biological activities of isonucleosides
H.-W. Yu, H.-Y. Zhang, Z.-J. Yang, J.-M. Min, L.- T. Ma and L.-H. Zhang
p. 435 [full text - pdf 255KB]


Lectures presented at the 9th Conference on High Temperature Materials Chemistry, Pennsylvania, USA, 19-23 May 1997

Preface, K. E. Spear, M. Weinmann and J. Bill

Precursor-derived Si-B-C-N ceramics
F. Aldinger
p. 439 [full text - pdf 1.1MB]

Thermodynamic modelling of solution and ordered phases
I. Ansara
p. 449 [full text - pdf 641KB]

High temperature chemical aspects of waste disposal and environmental clean-up
B.R. Bowsher, R.G.J. Ball and I.R. Beattie
p. 461 [full text - pdf 478KB]

Wide-temperature range observations on reactions of metal atoms and small radicals
A. Fontijn
p. 469 [full text - pdf 543KB]

Simulation of surface reactions
M. Frenklach
p. 477 [full text - pdf 652KB]

Thermal plasma synthesis of diamond
S.L. Grishick and J.M. Larson
p. 485 [full text - pdf 456KB]

High temperature oxidation of ceramic matrix composites
N.S. Jacobson, D.S. Fox and E.J. Opila
p. 493 [full text - pdf 525KB]

Interfacial microchemistry: reactions in inorganic systems
F.J.J. van Loo and A.A. Kodentsov
p. 501 [full text - pdf 822KB]

Enhancing materials design capability through understanding multicomponent phase relationships
D.-S. Yan
p. 509 [full text - pdf 542KB]


IUPAC Recommendations on Nomenclature and Symbols and Technical Reports from Commissions

Nomenclature, symbols, units and their usage in spectrochemical analysis--XIV. Laser-based atomic spectroscopy: a new notation for spectrochemical processes (IUPAC Recommendations 1998), Commission on spectrochemical and other optical procedures for analysis (N. Ommenetto, J.-M. Mermet, G.C. Turk and D.S. Moore)
p. 517 [full text - pdf 557KB]


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