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Pure Appl. Chem. Vol. 73, No. 10, pp. 1555-1677 (2001)

Pure and Applied Chemistry

Vol. 73, Issue 10


Lectures presented at the IUPAC International Congress on Analytical Sciences 2001 (ICAS2001)

IUPAC Recommendations and Technical Reports


Lectures presented at the IUPAC International Congress on Analytical Sciences 2001 (ICAS2001), Tokyo, Japan, 6-10 August 2001.

Preface, Y. Umezawa

Miniaturization and chip technology. What can we expect? A. Manz and J. C. T. Eijkel
p. 1555
[Abstract] [full text - pdf 153KB]

Capillary electrophoretic techniques toward the metabolome analysis, S. Terabe, M. J. Markuszewski, N. Inoue, K. Otsuka, and T. Nishioka
p. 1563
[Abstract] [full text - pdf 306KB]

Threading intercalation to double-stranded DNA and the application to DNA sensing. Electrochemical array technique, M. Takagi
p. 1573
[Abstract] [full text - pdf 227KB]

Evolution and revolution in instrumentation for plasma-source mass spectrometry, G. M. Hieftje, J. H. Barnes, O. A. Grøn, A. M. Leach, D. M. McClenathan, S. J. Ray, D. A. Solyom, W. C. Wetzel, M. B. Denton, and D. W. Koppenaal
p. 1579
[Abstract] [full text - pdf 238KB]

Exploring new opportunities with sum-frequency nonlinear optical spectroscopy, Y. R. Shen
p. 1589
[Abstract] [full text - pdf 252KB]

Selective detection of neurotransmitters by fluorescence and chemiluminescence imaging, Z. Wang and E. S. Yeung
p. 1599
[Abstract] [full text - pdf 287KB]

Ultrafast dynamics at solid/liquid interfaces as investigated by photothermal spectroscopy, T. Sawada
p. 1613
[Abstract] [full text - pdf 252KB]

IUPAC Recommendations and Technical Reports

Standards in isothermal microcalorimetry (IUPAC Technical Report), I. Wadsö and R. N. Goldberg
p. 1625
[Abstract] [full text - pdf 208KB]

Critical evaluation of stability constants of phosphonic acids (IUPAC Technical Report), K. Popov, H. Rönkkömäki, and L. H. J. Lajunen
p. 1641
[Abstract] [full text - pdf 354KB]


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