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Pure Appl. Chem. Vol. 74, No. 1, pp. 1-186 (2002)

Pure and Applied Chemistry

Vol. 74, Issue 1

Lectures presented at the 11th IUPAC International Symposium on Organometallic Chemistry Directed Towards Organic Synthesis (OMCOS-11), Taipei, Taiwan, 22­26 July 2001

Preface, Tien-Yau Luh

Toward development of environmentally benign processes catalyzed by transition-metal complexes, A. Yamamoto
p. 1 [Abstract] [full text - pdf 160KB]

Functional group diversity by ruthenium-catalyzed olefin cross-metathesis, F. D. Toste, A. K. Chatterjee, and R. H. Grubbs
p. 7 [Abstract] [full text - pdf 143KB]

Functionalized main-group organometallics for organic synthesis, P. Knochel, E. Hupe, W. Dohle, D. M. Lindsay, V. Bonnet, G. Quéguiner, A. Boudier, F. Kopp, S. Demay, N. Seidel, M. I. Calaza, V. A. Vu, I. Sapountzis, and T. Bunlaksananusorn
p. 11 [Abstract] [full text - pdf 276KB]

Ruthenium catalysis in organic synthesis, S. -I. Murahashi, H. Takaya, and T. Naota
p. 19 [Abstract] [full text - pdf 203KB]

Toward the ideal synthesis. New transition metal-catalyzed reactions inspired by novel medicinal leads, P. A. Wender, F. C. Bi, G. G. Gamber, F. Gosselin, R. D. Hubbard, M. J. C. Scanio, R. Sun, T. J. Williams, and L. Zhang
p. 25 [Abstract] [full text - pdf 194KB]

New applications of organometallic catalysts in organic chemistry, G. C. Fu
p. 33 [Abstract] [full text - pdf 132KB]

Copper-mediated asymmetric transformations, A. Alexakis
p. 37 [Abstract] [full text - pdf 189KB]

Organoboron compounds as mild nucleophiles in Lewis acid-and transition metal-catalyzed C­C bond-forming reactions, R. A. Batey, T. D. Quach, M. Shen, A. N. Thadani, D. V. Smil, S. -W. Li, and D. B. MacKay
p. 43 [Abstract] [full text - pdf 237KB]

Arene chromium complexes with functionalized anellated rings. Selective formation of highly substituted polycycles, H. Butenschön
p. 57 [Abstract] [full text - pdf 182KB]

Selective organometallic syntheses from molecular pools, M. Catellani
p. 63 [Abstract] [full text - pdf 170KB]

Novel cyclization and reductive coupling of bicyclic olefins with alkyl propiolates catalyzed by nickel complexes, D. K. Rayabarapu and C. -H. Cheng
p. 69 [Abstract] [full text - pdf 239KB]

Recent studies on asymmetric hydrogenation. New catalysts and synthetic applications in organic synthesis, J. P. Genet
p. 77 [Abstract] [full text - pdf 227KB]

Pauson ­Khand-type reaction mediated by Rh(I)catalysts, N. Jeong, B. K. Sung, J. S. Kim, S. B. Park, S. D. Seo, J. Y. Shin, K. Y. In, and Y. K. Choi
p. 85 [Abstract] [full text - pdf 203KB]

Oxidative polycyclizations with rhenium(VII)xides, E. Keinan and S. C. Sinha
p. 93 [Abstract] [full text - pdf 274KB]

Asymmetric dihydroxylation of C, C double bonds using catalytic amounts of osmium tetroxide, selenides, and air, A. Krief and C. Colaux-Castillo
p. 107 [Abstract] [full text - pdf 207KB]

Bioinspired organometallic chemistry, L. S. Liebeskind, J. Srogl, C. Savarin, and C. Polanco
p. 115 [Abstract] [full text - pdf 211KB]

Bidentate Lewis acid catalysts in asymmetric synthesis, K. Maruoka
p. 123 [Abstract] [full text - pdf 201KB]

Nickel-catalyzed cyclizations of alkynyl enones and alkynyl enals, J. Montgomery, K. K. D. Amarasinghe, S. K. Chowdhury, E. Oblinger, J. Seo, and A. V. Savchenko
p. 129 [Abstract] [full text - pdf 192KB]

Curiosity and simplicity in the invention and discovery of new metal-mediated reactions for organic synthesis, W. B. Motherwell
p. 135 [Abstract] [full text - pdf 258KB]

Metal-assisted amination with xime derivatives, K. Narasaka
p. 143 [Abstract] [full text - pdf 209KB]

Zirconium-catalyzed enantioselective carboalumination of "unactivated " alkenes as a new synthetic tool for asymmetric carbon ­carbon bond formation, E. -I. Negishi and S. Huo
p. 151 [Abstract] [full text - pdf 177KB]

New cyclization reactions in organic syntheses, I. Ojima
p. 159 [Abstract] [full text - pdf 211KB]

Toward the understanding of the mechanism and enantioselectivity of the Pauson ­Khand reaction. Theoretical and experimental studies, M. A. Pericàs, J. Balsells, J. Castro, I. Marchueta, A. Moyano, A. Riera, J. Vázquez, and X. Verdaguer
p. 167 [Abstract] [full text - pdf 212KB]

Stereoselective syntheses of heterocycles via metallated alk xyallenes, H. -U. Reissig, W. Schade, G. M. Okala Amombo, R. Pulz, and A. Hausherr
p. 175 [Abstract] [full text - pdf 170KB]

Addition reactions of heteroatom-COX (X =OR, NR2, COOR) species with alkynes, M. Tanaka and R. Hua
p. 181 [Abstract] [full text - pdf 187KB]


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