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Pure Appl. Chem. Vol. 74, No. 10, pp. 1785-2019 (2002)

Pure and Applied Chemistry

Vol. 74, Issue 10

Lectures presented at the 10 th International Symposium on Solubility Phenomena

IUPAC Recommendations and Technical Reports

Lectures presented at the 10th International Symposium on Solubility Phenomena, Varna, Bulgaria, 22 �26 July 2002

Preface, D. Shaw

Solubility and crystallization in biological fluids and the problems of life and health, I. Gutzow, S. Atanassova, and K. Neykov
p. 1785 [Abstract] [full text - pdf 76 KB]

Calculation of the free Gibbs energy of phase transitions using solubility data. 1. The system Na2SO4-Na2Se04-H2O at 15 �C: Stable and metastable, Chr. Balarew
p. 1793 [Abstract] [full text - pdf 173 KB]

Nonlinear mass transfer and hydrodynamic stability in solubility phenomena, Chr. Boyadjiev
p. 1801 [Abstract] [full text - pdf 202 KB]

Sea-water solubility phase diagram. Application to an extractive process, R. Cohen-Adad, Chr. Balarew, S. Tepavitcharova, and D. Rabadjieva
p. 1811 [Abstract] [full text - pdf 208 KB]

Predicting bioconcentration factors of highly hydrophobic chemicals. Effects of molecular size, S. D. Dimitrov, N. C. Dimitrova, J. D. Walker, G. D. Veith, and O. G. Mekenyan
p. 1823 [Abstract] [full text - pdf 237 KB]

Solubility equilibria. From data optimization to process simulation, E. K�nigsberger
p. 1831 [Abstract] [full text - pdf 234 KB]

Arsenic. An environmental problem limited by solubility, M. C. F. Magalh�es
p. 1843 [Abstract] [full text - pdf 161 KB]

New mechanism for the dissolution of sparingly soluble minerals, R. Tang and G. H. Nancollas
p. 1851 [Abstract] [full text - pdf 227 KB]

Structural investigation of water and aqueous solutions by Raman spectroscopy, F. Rull
p. 1859 [Abstract] [full text - pdf 214 KB]

Derivation of complete phase diagrams for ternary systems with immiscibility phenomena and solid-fluid equilibria, V. M. Valyashko
p. 1871 [Abstract] [full text - pdf 398 KB]

Cation order/disorder in lithium transition-metal oxides as insertion electrodes for lithium-ion batteries, E. Zhecheva, R. Stoyanova, R. Alc�ntara, P. Lavela, and J.-L. Tirado
p. 1885 [Abstract] [full text - pdf 299 KB]

Aquatic chemistry and solubility phenomena of actinide oxides/hyroxides, Th. Fangh�nel and V. Neck
p. 1895 [Abstract] [full text - pdf 283 KB]

Solid-liquid equilibria in mixtures of molten salt hydrates for the design of heat storage materials, W. Voigt and D. Zeng
p. 1909 [Abstract] [full text - pdf 266 KB]

IUPAC Recommendations and Technical Reports

Nomenclature of regular single-strand organic polymers (IUPAC Recommendations 2002), J. Kahovec, R. B. Fox, and K. Hatada
p. 1921 [Abstract] [full text - pdf 543 KB]

Natural and synthetic substances related to human health (IUPAC Technical Report), J. G. Topliss, A. M. Clark, E. Ernst, C. D. Hufford, G. A. R. Johnston, J. M. Rimoldi, and B. J. Weimann
p. 1957 [Abstract] [full text - pdf 265 KB]

Isotope-abundance variations of selected elements (IUPAC Technical Report), T.B. Coplen, J.K. Bohlke, P. DeBievre, T. Ding, N.E. Holden, J.A. Hopple, H.R. Krouse, A. Lamberty, H.S. Peiser, K. Revesz, S.E. Rieder, K.J.R. Rosman, E. Roth, P.D.P. Taylor, R.D. Vocke, Jr., and Y.K. Xiao
p. 1987 [Abstract] [full text - pdf 506 KB]

Errata. Generic source-based nomenclature for polymers. IUPAC Recommendations 2001 (E. Mar�chal and E. S. Wilks). Pure Appl. Chem. 73, 1511-1519 (2001), E. Mar�chal and E. S. Wilks
p. 2019 [Abstract] [full text - pdf 69 KB]


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