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Pure Appl. Chem. 76(5), 1033-1082, 2004

Pure and Applied Chemistry

Vol. 76, Issue 5


Glossary of terms used in toxicokinetics (IUPAC Recommendations 2003)

M. Nordberg*, J. Duffus, and D. M. Templeton

Abstract: This glossary contains definitions of 365 terms frequently used in the multidisciplinary field of toxicokinetics. The glossary is compiled primarily for chemists who find themselves currently working in toxicology and requiring a knowledge of the expressions used in toxicokinetics,especially in relation to hazard and risk assessment. Some medical terms are included, where relevant, because of their frequent occurrence in the toxicological literature and because chemists would not normally be expected to be familiar with them. There are three annexes,one containing a list of abbreviations and acronyms used in toxicokinetics, one containing a list of abbreviations and acronyms of names of international bodies and legislation that are relevant to toxicology and chemical safety, and one giving sources for further reading.

* Corresponding author.

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