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Organizations Involved in Promoting and Defending the Use of Chlorine and Chlorine Containing Materials

There are two organizations established to promote and protect the use of chlorine and chlorine containing materials by industry.

The Clorophiles is an independent non-profit organization of workers in the chlorine and PVC industry who want to react on the allegations against their endeavors. They point out that they work responsibly and with care to manufacture products for the well being of society. They note that mankind should not be excluded from the benefits of chlorine and chlorine products on the basis of prejudice and false or erroneous information.

The Chlorine Chemistry Council was established in 1993 to participate in the public policy debate surrounding chlorine chemistry. In this role, the Chlorine Chemistry Council develops and implements proactive programs promoting the benefits of chlorine chemistry, and the practice and understanding of responsible management, or stewardship, for chlorine chemistry and chlorine-based products. The Council also identifies and responds to health and environmental issues that involve chlorine chemistry and chlorine-based products.

Specific activities of the Chlorine Chemistry Council are aimed at:

  • Science: Facilitating comparative risk and risk benefit analyses through the collection, development, and use of scientific data on health and environmental issues surrounding chlorine chemistry.
  • Stewardship: Fostering protection of human health and the environment in the production, distribution, use, and disposal of the products of chlorine chemistry.
  • Outreach: Heightening public awareness of chlorine chemistry and its many societal benefits through the development and implementation of communications programs.

The Council membership includes all leading US chlorine producers. The Chlorine Chemistry Council, a business council of the Chemical Manufacturers Association, is comprised of manufacturers and users of chlorine and chlorine-based products, and other organizations with an interest in chlorine chemistry. With a long-term commitment to balanced classroom discussions of science and the environment, the Chlorine Chemistry Council has become associated with several nationally recognized education organizations to develop quality education programs and materials. The Chlorine Chemistry Council is located in Arlington, VA, USA.

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