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 Abbreviated list of quantities, units and symbols in physical chemistry

 4.4 physical quantities: chemical kinetics

Physical Quantity Symbol SI Unit
rate of conversion  x mol s-1
rate of concentration change of substance B (through chemical reaction) vB, rB mol m-3 s-1
rate of reaction v mol m-3 s-1
overall order of reaction n 1
rate constant, rate coefficient k (m3 mol-1)n-1 s-1
half life t1/2 s
pre-exponential factor A (m3 mol-1)n-1 s-1
energy of activation E, Ea J mol-1
Gibbs energy of activation DG J mol-1
collision cross section s m2
collision frequency(of A with A)  zA (A)  s-1
collision frequency factor zAB m3 mol-1 s-1
quantum yield, photochemical yield f, F 1

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