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 Abbreviated list of quantities, units and symbols in physical chemistry

 4.5 physical quantities: atoms, molecules and spectroscopy

Physical Quantity Symbol SI Unit
nucleon number, mass number A 1
proton number, atomic number Z 1
neutron number N 1
decay constant l s-1
ionization energy Ei , I J
dissociation energy Ed , D J
electron affinity Eea J
quantum numbers:
principal n 1
electron orbital l, L 1
-- component ml , ML 1
electron spin s, S 1
-- component ms , MS 1
total angular momentum j, J 1
-- component mj , MJ 1
nuclear spin I 1
-- component MI 1
 vibrational v 1
magnetic moment of a particle µ, m J T-1, A m2
magnetogyric ratio g C kg-1
g-factor g 1
Larmor circular frequency wL s-1
 quadrupole moment Q,, Q, eQ C m2
 wavelength l m
wavelength in a vacuum m-1
total term T m-1
electronic term Te m-1
vibrational term G m-1
rotational term F m-1
rotational constants A, B, C m-1

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