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 Abbreviated list of quantities, units and symbols in physical chemistry

4.7 physical quantities: thermodynamics and statistics

Physical Quantity Symbol SI Unit
heat q, Q J
work w, W J
thermodynamic temperature T K
Celsius Temperature q, t oC
internal energy U J
enthalpy H J
standard reaction enthalpy D r H J mol-1
entropy S J K-1
Gibbs energy G J
Helmholtz energy A J
heat capacity C J K-1
ratio Cp / Cv g, k 1
Joule-Thomson coefficient µ, µJT K Pa-1
isothermal compressibility k Pa-1
cubic expansion coefficient a K-1
chemical potential µ J mol-1
affinity of a reaction A J mol-1
fugacity f, Pa
(relative) activity a 1
activity coeficient:
-- mixtures f 1
-- solutes g 1
osmotic coefficient f 1
osmotic opressure P Pa
equilibrium constant K, K 1
-- on a concentration basis Kc (mol m-3)Sv
-- on a pressure basis Kp PaSv
-- on a molality basis Km (mol kg-1)Sv
 density of (energy) states r(E) J-1
 statistical weight g 1
partition function:
-- particle q, z 1
-- canonical ensemble Q, Z 1
-- microcanonical ensemble W 1
symmetry number s, s 1
 charateristic temperature Q K

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