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Abbreviated list of quantities, units and symbols in physical chemistry


 3. Examples of SI derived units with special names and symbols

Physical Quantity (for symbols see Sect. 4) Name of SI Unit Symbol for SI Unit Expression in Terms of SI Base Units
frequency hertz Hz  s-1
force newton N m kg s-2
pressure, stress pascal Pa m-1 kg s-2 (= N-m-2 )
energy, work, heat joule J m2 kg s-2 (= N-m = Pa-m3 )
power watt W m2 kg s-3 (= J-s-1)
electric charge coulomb C s A
electric potential volt V m2 kg s-3 A-1 (= J-C-1)
electric capacitance farad F m-2 kg-1 s4 A2 (= C-V-1)
electric resistance ohm W m2 kg s-3 A-2 (= V-A-1)
electric conductance siemens S m-2 kg-1 s3 A2 (= W-1)
magnetic flux weber Wb m2 kg s-2 A-1 (= V s)
magnetic flux density tesla T kg s-2 A-1 (= V s m-2)
inductance henry H m2 kg s-2 A-2 (= V A-1 s)
Celsius temperature* degree Celsius oC K
plane angle radian rad 1 ** (rad and sr may be included or omitted in expressions for the derived units)
solid angle steradian sr 1 **

* The Celsius temperature is defined by q / oC = T / K-273.15


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